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Registration Opens December 7

Summer Programs 2018

Moorestown Friends School Summer Programs offers a wide variety of creative, enriching, and fun courses for children throughout South Jersey from age 3 through high school. Registration for Summer 2018 is now open. To see all Summer Scholars class dates and offerings at a glance, click here.

If you wish to receive more information, please fill out this inquiry form. Questions may be directed to Director of Summer/Auxiliary Programs Martha Cameron at 856-914-4493 or

Recent Blog Posts

A close-up look at courses from previous summers!

Week 5 (July 30-August 3): Tot Scholars

Catch the Rhythm - Jessica Durdin This week in Catch the Rhythm we have been busy exploring all things music! We went on a listening walk, to hear the rhythm of our surroundings and shared what we had heard along with our favorite sounds. We have explored with various...

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Week 4 (July 23-27): Junior Scholars

Food for Thought: Engineering Ice Cream - Deb Bruvik In Food for Thought: Engineering Ice Cream, scholars began the week exploring the engineering design process by taking on a number of team challenges. First, our young scientists created a Spaghetti Tower that...

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Week 4 (July 23-27): Senior Scholars

Design of Coffee - Mike Romea This week we have attempted to create of the perfect cup of coffee. Our engineering baristas have not only analyzed a variety of techniques but have also collected both qualitative and quantitative data about their product. There can be a...

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Week 4 (July 23-27): Youth Scholars

Fiber Arts with Handwork Day Camp - Julia Yosen Techniques learned in the Fiber Arts with the Handwork Day Camp class have included: wonder knitting, wet felting & needle felting, weaving, embroidery, pom-pom making, hand sewing, guided machine sewing with instructor,...

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Week 4 (July 23-27): Mini Scholars

Art and Archaeology: Ancient Americas - Pauline Williams We've jumped right in to ancient America. Monday found us in caves (under the tables) doing cave paintings and we have begun a sand painting project that will extend through the week. It is inspiring to see the...

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Week 4 (July 23-27): Tot Scholars

Artistic Endeavors - Pauline Williams Our week is off to a creative start. We really enjoyed the variety of materials used to make a collage on Monday and then looked to our illustrative skills Tuesday by drawing a bouquet of flowers (which we will paint later on in...

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Week 3 (July 16-20): Junior Scholars

Amusement Park Physics - Griffin Kidd In Amusement Park Physics our room is undergoing quite a transformation. Since we came in on Monday morning the Summer Scholars have constructed two marble roller coasters using the concepts of potential and kinetic energy in...

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Week 3 (July 16-20): Senior Scholars

Mock Trail #2 - Clark Thomson Summer Scholars Mock Trial week two began with a case switch. Instead of a drag racing case, our prosecution and defense took up the case Bobby Dousa, accused of drugging a basketball player from a rival school and drawing a mascot symbol...

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Week 3 (July 16-20): Youth Scholars

Karate with the NKI - Master Casey Shields So far this week in the Martial Arts class we have been focusing on the core aspects of karate such as focus, self-discipline, and self-defense and the scholars have blown away the National Karate Institute Instructors with...

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