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Summer Programs 2018

Moorestown Friends School Summer Programs offers a wide variety of creative, enriching, and fun courses for children throughout South Jersey from age 3 through high school. Registration for Summer 2018 is now open. To see all Summer Scholars class dates and offerings at a glance, click here.

If you wish to receive more information, please fill out this inquiry form. Questions may be directed to Director of Summer/Auxiliary Programs Martha Cameron at 856-914-4493 or

Recent Blog Posts

A close-up look at courses from previous summers!

Week 6 (August 7-11): Mini Scholars

Building STEAM - Jenna Robinson This week, Mini Scholars have measured and recorded how many pennies could sink their tinfoil boats and also how rainbows are formed. Tuesday they learned that technology can be more than computers, phones, and software applications -...

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Week 6 (August 7-11): Tot Scholars

Elementary Coding and Robotics - Bob Campbell We've had a wonderful time this week exploring the digital world of coding & robotics! So far the children have completed introductory computer science lessons on &, designed avatars & environments for...

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Week 5 (July 31-August 4): Senior Scholars

The Design of Coffee - Mike Romea To begin the week of making the best coffee, we needed to first learn how to taste coffee so we started with cupping. Then we began to make different types of coffee (Turkish has been a favorite) and seeing how the various methods...

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Week 5 (July 31-August 4): Junior Scholars

Electrify It - Andrea Robinson So far our class has made a zodiac constellation with string lights and a survival bracelet that consists of a light up device as well as rope. We also have learned about the importance of a complete circuit and negative and positive...

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Week 5 (July 31-August 4): Mini Scholars

Art and Archaeology - Pauline Williams We are having a wonderful time in Art and Archaeology! The children have transitioned nicely into the flow of our daily schedule, participating in our short meetings, engaging with friends in play and enthusiastically...

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Week 5 (July 31-August 4): Tot Scholars

Literature and Song - Carole Kezbari I can hardly believe that it is already Wednesday!  We have been having such a great time during Literature and Song. Your children are such a fun and enthusiastic group!  They have amazing voices and are great at singing along to...

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Week 4 (July 24-28): Senior Scholars

Millennial Marketing - Stephanie Huie This week our Senior Scholars are getting a crash course in the principles of marketing! On Monday, we discussed the 4 P's of marketing and identified the defining characteristics of the millennial generation. We reviewed a number...

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Week 4 (July 24-28): Junior Scholars

Seeing Like an Artist - Sharon Uibel This week in the art room we are experimenting with color with background, and foreground elements. Monday we made an African landscape as our background with beautiful line, elements incorporated into the watercolor giraffe which...

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Week 4 (July 24-28): Mini Scholars

Animal Welfare - Caitlin Sweeney We had a great first few days of Animal Welfare Camp. The campers are becoming animal experts and have vowed to help protect animals. We even created special “Animal Protector” necklaces.  The group created a list of animals that would...

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