Learning another language comes more easily at an early age, and the language of computer programming is redefining the future. In just a week, your child can become exposed to elementary coding concepts, build upon their learning of creating apps, or teach their own robots to move! All classes are developmentally appropriate for each age level and will equip your young scholar with valuable computational thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. If you’re interested in Coding and Robotics classes, you can register here.

Tot Scholars — Coding and Robotics: The Beginning (AM), June 25-29 *FULL CAPACITY, WAITLIST ONLY*

Mini Scholars — Elementary Coding with Robotics (AM), July 9-13 *FULL CAPACITY, WAITLIST ONLY*

Youth Scholars — LEGO WeDo Robotics (AM), July 16-20

Junior Scholars — Design and Develop your own App (AM), July 30-August 3

Junior Scholars — Coding and Robotics (AM), August 6-10