Amusement Park Physics – Griffin Kidd

View photos of the class here.

Dollars and Sense – Lisa Martin

Some of the vocabulary and economic concepts we focused on during our Dollars & Sense Summer Scholars program were: goods and services, producers and consumers, wages and income, spending and saving, needs and wants. Some of the activities we participated in to learn and understand the vocabulary and economic concepts were: Identified the names and values of coins, Practiced counting and adding the values of coins, Created a chart of known and learned knowledge about money, Earned money each morning to spend as consumers in our classroom store, Planned and made choices about spending the money they earned each day on smaller, less expensive items or saving their money for a bigger, more expensive item, Created goods to trade with others in the group, Planned and created a lemonade stand as a culminating experience. Students thought about how to attract customers by using exciting and well placed posters. Students discussed what roles were needed to run this business (the lemonade stand). The group counted the money we collected to see how much we made… as a class we made $17.05! View photos of the class here.

Pets and Vets – Kristen Jesperson

Ever wanted to know what it takes to be a veterinarian? In this summer course, students learned how to care for pets of all kinds (dogs, cats, birds, etc).  They participated in simulated pet exams, created and updated patient records for our visiting dog (Henry), and learned how to analyze professional pet x-rays in order to better understand animal anatomy. Highlights of the week included the following: visiting with three foster kittens, making a dog chew toy out of fabric, and creating a bird feeder out of pinecones. Students also enjoyed learning the components of a pet exam and putting their learning into play. In the end, students used their new found knowledge to create their own medical cases which included investigating, diagnosing, and recommending a treatment plan for a stuffed animal of their choice. View photos of the class here.

Animation – Bob Campbell

I had such a blast working with an awesome group of students! I was entirely delighted with their creativity and enthusiasm. They produced a plethora of wonderful short animated projects that I am pleased to share with you today. The students all did an excellent job of keeping up with a fast paced exploration of a great many animation styles and techniques. We went from creating looping animated gifs in photoshop, to making construction paper cut outs, to producing claymation, stop motion lego stories, and finally to experimenting with live action stop motion. I was extremely impressed and pleased with how well everyone adapted to the various animation styles and applications we learned, and also with how much truly great work everyone produced. View photos of the class here.

Ice Cream Capital! – Clark Thomson

View photos of the class here.

Sports Science – Steve Wells