Passport Around The World – Kenya Barber

We traveled around the continent of Africa and visited some Middle Eastern countries. We cooked foods and created crafts from countries like South Africa, Israel, and Morocco, just to name a few.  The students enjoyed making hummus (what a hit!), Orange Cake and a refreshing drink from Jordan made from freshly squeezed lemons, all while learning a little geography. Yummy! View photos from this class here.

Science, Robotics, and Engineering – Stephanie Morris

This week we focused on wind, water, and reactions! We delved more into force and motion as we watched a car move across the floor powered by the air in a balloon. We practiced using our natural force by playing movement games that require quick thinking from our brains. We had fun watching vinegar and baking soda react with one another and the science behind popping corn! View photos from this class here.

Storytelling and Music – Jennifer Landesman

We had a fun-filled week in “Storytelling and Music” camp. We began the week with the introduction of early childhood instruments such as maracas, tambourines, drums, bells, egg shakers, and resonator bells. We used these instruments each day to perform stories such as Five Little Ducks, I’m a Little Teapot, and The Eensy Weensy Spider. We sang songs like Miss Mary Mack, The Wheels On The Bus, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm, and we learned some nursery rhymes. We also learned about rhythm, keeping a beat, and about different verses of songs that share the same melody. We read lots of other books too and did a daily craft which corresponded with our story of the day. The children are great singers and we enjoyed every opportunity to sing throughout our day. Playground and water activity time were a blast and after all that excitement, we even enjoyed our rest time! It was a pleasure getting to know the children and such a delight to see friendships forming along the way. View photos from this class here.

View additional high-resolution photos here.