Passport Around the World – Kenya Barber

We traveled around the Americas, exploring countries in North America, South America, and Central America. We cooked and sampled foods from Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the USA.  The students enjoyed making Mexican Hot Chocolate, Flan and a delicious Peruvian Rice, all while learning a little geography. We even made homemade pickles! We ended the week with a Caribbean island-style carnival, complete with our own decorated masks. Oh what fun! View photos from the class here.

Science, Robotics, and Engineering – Stephanie Morris

This week we are focusing on movements! We explored with gears, mazes, and robots that can climb! We had fun reading The Three Little Pigs and experimenting with how to build a strong house. Children used sticks, play dough, paste, and toothpicks to design then engineer a house that could withstand the force of a wolf. Although it was tricky, children learned about problem-solving and determination. Some designs might not work the first time so you just try again! View photos from the class here.


View additional Mini Scholars photos here.