Passport Around the World – Stephanie Morris

This week we traveled to the continent of Asia. We packed our bags and had an exciting time learning about the culture and food of India, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and China. We made a lot of beautiful art projects, played a traditional Korean game called yut nori, and used handmade drums to celebrate Chinese New Year! View photos of the class here.

Art and Archaeology – Pauline Williams

We explored the concepts of art and culture through the topic of archaeology.  We became archaeologists by designing our own paper bag vests, making binoculars and learning about digs, artifacts and the concept of ancient culture. We spent some time doing cave paintings by using chalk on large sheets of paper under the tables. We began exploring our two specific cultures (China and Egypt) through digs (with brushes and sifters) at the sensory table. We then created cherry blossom paintings, made kites and dragon masks to celebrate Chinese art. Next we made our way to Egypt by writing our names in hieroglyphics, creating pyramids with blocks and play dough, and wrapping our dolls into tissue paper in honor of the kings and queens of the Nile. View photos of the class here and here.