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Summer is still ON!

We may not be able to hold camp in-person this summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn and have fun from home. The summer programs team has filtered through many online options in order to bring you the BEST OF THE BEST online curriculum from regional partners. 

  • Black Rocket STEAM Tech Programs
  • NKI Karate
  • The Handwork Studio “Handwork@Home”
  • The Knight School Chess
  • VineyardAppCamp

Classes and workshops run one week at a time from June 22 through August 7.
Join us for one or more of these classes and workshops to provide fun, engaging structure to your child’s summer.


Why Choose MFS Summer Camp Programs?

Our teachers…campus…attention to detail…personal touch

MFS Summer Programs offers a variety of weekly classes for children ages 3 – 17.  Spend a week immersed in robotics, French, mosaics, bridge building, Model United Nations, cooking, and more!  The majority of our Master Teachers are our own MFS teachers who are advanced professionals in their field of study.

Using classrooms, fields, courts, and resources on our 48-acre campus allows us to provide the best experience and most memorable summer for your child. Most every class is specifically designed each year with new curriculum which makes for a fun and engaging classroom session.

As a Quaker Day school, we are proud to extend those values into the fabric of our summer programming. Classroom activities are fun and offer a unique way to support each other with regard to collaboration, teamwork, and self-awareness.

Small class sizes, low student to teacher ratio…each family is cared for as part of the MFS community.


Recent Blog Posts

A close-up look at courses from previous summers!

Week 3 (July 15-19): Mini Scholars

Coding and Robotics - Tony Gore This week our Mini Scholars have been experimenting with coding and robotics. We have learned about basic coding concepts as well as a number of different types of robots and their features. In class we have access to controlling and...

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Week 3 (July 15-19): Tot Scholars

Language Arts: Prose, Poetry and Alliteration - Pauline Williams We’ve had a lovely leap into the beginning of our week. We are a class taken to story, song, skipping and dancing. We seem to be impressed with little white ducks, green frogs and animals in costume...

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Week 2 (July 8-12): Senior Scholars

Model UN: Historical Crisis Committee - Clark Thomson In 1953, the United Nations elected Dag Hammarskjöld as the second Secretary-General. The Senior Scholars have been exploring the global issues of Hammarskjöld's time, including relations between Israel and the...

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Week 2 (July 8-12): Junior Scholars

Forensic Science - Laura Bader The budding forensic scientists have learned the basics of investigation, including the need to pay attention to fine details, to work together as a team, and to think outside the box to solve the mystery. Students have learned how to...

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Week 2 (July 8-12): Youth Scholars

Upcycle: Trash to Treasure - Caitlin Sweeney The sky is the limit once you see how all your unwanted trash can become beautiful new treasures. The campers have been busy non-stop, eagerly beginning to see the potential in these formerly unwanted materials. So far...

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Week 2 (July 8-12): Mini Scholars

Star Gazing - Sam Swire It’s been a blast in Star Gazing camp so far! On Monday we built our own rocket ships using paper towel tubes, foil, tissue paper, and other household materials. On Tuesday we read about constellations and then used paper cups and flashlights...

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Week 2 (July 8-12): Tot Scholars

Look Up! The Science of Weather - Meredith Romea Our MFS weather watchers have started off their careers as meteorologists with success! They are learning not only about weather but also about working together as a group and making new friends. We will continue...

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MFS Summer Chemistry for Credit

Summer Chemistry - Drew Newman In Summer Chemistry, students have been modeling the properties of matter through a bunch of labs and hands-on activities. We explored how gases respond to pressure and temperature by crushing soda cans and launching rockets with...

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Week 1 (June 24-28): Senior Scholars

Mock Trial Turbo: Special Investigations - Clark Thomson Each day, we learn about a different piece of the process of a case. We've learned about opening and closing statements, direct questioning of witnesses, and cross-examination. This week's case, People of the...

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MFS has canceled all previously scheduled in-person Summer Scholars and Academic Transitions classes due to our current global health crisis.

In the meantime…

Your favorite MFS Summer team has been busy working with five different vendor camp programs in order to bring to you the BEST OF THE BEST online! You’ll find a variety of classes for most ages ranging from coding and programming, App creation, Chess and Karate instruction, as well as Fiber Arts, 3D game design, ROBLOX Makers, and more.

NEW Virtual Registration is NOW OPEN!

Summer Programs Phone: (856) 914-4493

Stay healthy!