FAQs – Potential Pandemic Impact on MFS Summer Programs

Below are responses to common questions about the status of 2020 MFS Summer Programs:
Will you run a partial summer program if you are unable to begin on June 22?

It is too early to answer this question definitively. If we do begin mid-summer, we will start with programming originally scheduled for that date. We will not begin with Week 1 programming.

Will MFS consider an online summer program?

While we are currently running a successful “Virtual MFS” program for current students, implementing this for camp may be a much bigger challenge. That said, we are currently exploring some very specific technology-based classes along with some fun and creative hands-on activities.

Will we get a full refund if programs are cancelled?

If MFS decides to cancel 2020 Summer Programs due to COVID-19, we will notify all families and refund all payments in full.

Can we cancel our children’s summer camp reservations?

Anyone is welcome to cancel their registrations for their own reasons, but the refund policy remains the same as it is written on the summer website under “Dates and Rates.” Up until May 24 you will receive a full refund minus the $75 per week non-refundable deposit.

Can we be assured that our children will be safe in your school environment?

We will only re-open when we have been assured that the deep cleaning being done will provide a safe and healthy environment for all. We will encourage all families to self- check their health condition and not put others at risk by attending if they are unwell.


Why Choose MFS Summer Camp Programs?

Our teachers…campus…attention to detail…personal touch

MFS Summer Programs offers a variety of weekly classes for children ages 3 – 17.  Spend a week immersed in robotics, French, mosaics, bridge building, Model United Nations, cooking, and more!  The majority of our Master Teachers are our own MFS teachers who are advanced professionals in their field of study.

Using classrooms, fields, courts, and resources on our 48-acre campus allows us to provide the best experience and most memorable summer for your child. Most every class is specifically designed each year with new curriculum which makes for a fun and engaging classroom session.

As a Quaker Day school, we are proud to extend those values into the fabric of our summer programming. Classroom activities are fun and offer a unique way to support each other with regard to collaboration, teamwork, and self-awareness.

Small class sizes, low student to teacher ratio…each family is cared for as part of the MFS community.



Upcoming Events:

MFS Summer Programs Virtual Open House – Saturday, April 18, 10am-Noon. Visit the website and chat with the Director online.

Recent Blog Posts

A close-up look at courses from previous summers!

Week 1 (June 24-28): Junior Scholars

Jewelry Design and Wearable Art - Ailsa Stevenson We have had a busy two days in Jewelry Design and Wearable Art! We began by making leather cuffs on Monday, which involved softening the leather with water and using stamps to create a design. Students then used an awl...

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Week 1 (June 24-28): Youth Scholars

Chess with the Knight School - Coach Luke This week we have been covering the fundamentals of chess. The students have learned the names, movements and values of the pieces.  We will also be covering tactics such as the Modified Scholar’s Mate, Forking and the Ladder...

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Week 1 (June 24-28): Mini Scholars

Going Buggy - Andrea Bourne We have been looking at different types of insects and learning about their unique bodies. We are discovering new facts every day, including that ladybugs use their bright color to ward off predators. We painted and assembled ladybug art,...

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Week 1 (June 24-28): Tot Scholars

Artistic Explorations: Textiles - Garrett McVaugh It has been an exciting first few days in the Tot Scholars Program!  The children have been exploring different techniques with textiles, letting their creative juices flow.  Thus far we have done sewing with needles...

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Week 6 (August 6-10): Junior Scholars

Rocketry and Launching Things - Deb Bruvik In Rocketry & Launching Things, young scientists began the week exploring the science behind things that fly…specifically the basic forces of flight: gravity, thrust, drag, and lift. In our first challenge they made paper...

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Week 6 (August 6-10): Senior Scholars

Architectural Design with CAD - Tony Gore This week the scholars have been learning and experimenting with Cad Software to develop architectural designs. On Monday and Tuesday we began learning about the features of the software and currently, we are making our own...

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Week 6 (August 6-10): Youth Scholars

American Sign Language - Kristy Davies This week started off with an immediate ‘hands up’ as the children learned to sign their names on the first day. Within the first two days, your campers have learned simple questions, responses to those questions and statements....

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Week 6 (August 6-10): Mini Scholars

Animals Along the Amazon - Andrea Bourne  We are having fun learning all about the Amazon rainforest and the diverse group of animals and insects that live there. We began the week by exploring different types of snakes, taking a closer look at real snake skins and...

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Week 6 (August 6-10): Tot Scholars

The Expansive Ocean - Garrett McVaugh It has been an exciting start to our week. The children have come to camp eager to share what they know about the ocean. They have told us that “anemones protect the fish from being eaten” and that “sharks eat stuff in the sea.” ...

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