Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Applications – Griffin Kidd

The summer scholars who participated in the Engineering, Robotics and Computer applications program have been very busy this week, working on new projects every day. They have built and programmed battlebots designed to respond to each other and to stay in an arena without falling off. Scholars also learned about the engineering behind bridges by building bridges first out of paper, then out of balsa wood. Two of the bridged held over 40 lbs! Scholars investigated the importance of gears when they built solar powered race cars and learned about momentum and impulse by designing a device to keep an egg from breaking when dropped from a third story window onto the sidewalk using only paper or drinking straws and tape. It was very eggciting! While all of this was going on scholars were also learning 3D graphic design using Google Sketchup, I think the 3D printer will need a rest after this week! View photos from the class here.

Mock Trial – Clark Thomson

The Summer Scholars Mock Trial lawyers took on the case of The State v. Sid Sawyer.  Over the week they learned about opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, objections, and closing statements, applying each to their perspective in the case. Moorestown lawyer John Hanamirian dropped by to give valuable pointers as the court date approached. Before a packed courthouse in Hartman Hall the prosecution and defense presented their cases before the honorable Judge Thomson, peppering him with objections. They questioned witnesses with skilled precision that belied the short week they had to prepare. Though the jury came back with a not guilty verdict, all the lawyers were victorious. They displayed poise and confidence far beyond their years and experience. Next year, a new case will be on the docket and I hope some of this year’s lawyers will return for the new opportunity. View photos of the class here.