Model UN – Clark Thomson

The Summer Scholars Model United Nation had an amazing week addressing the many issues brought on by the rise of ISIS.  The delegates in the General Assembly began reviewing a variety of issues including terror, territorial integrity of member nations in the Middle East, kidnappings, killing of civilians, and the financing of the caliphate.  From these many issues, the delegates decided that the best approach involved destroying ISIS in the Middle East which would impact all aspects of the issue.  Their resolutions passed.  In their historical committee they assembled at members of President George W. Bush’s cabinet to deal with Iraq in 2002 and 2003.  The cabinet quickly divided between those in favor of containment and those in favor of war.  Initially, the peace faction held sway, but after some maneuvering on the part of Vice President Dick Cheney, involving threatening some cabinet members with forced resignations, the war faction held sway.  It did not end well.  What do they say about history repeating?  The summer scholars learned about the process of Model UN and the background of modern events and diplomacy.

Virtual Rocket Engineering: Kerbal Space Program – Mike Romea

Within the Kerbal Space Program students loved testing out their virtual designs, flying space planes and rockets.  Each day they were able to accomplish a variety of engineering and piloting tasks.  Achieving basic liftoff, flight, planetary orbit, and lunar landings just to name a few.  It wasn’t easy, after all it is rocket science, but they persevered.  From thrust and gravitation to apogee and retrograde it was a fun way learn and explore.  I encourage you to remind your child that our class Edmodo page will remain active and has some basic information as well as the Kerbal Space Program Demo file. View photos from the class here.