By Amanda Cooper ’18
Student Intern, Marketing and Communications Department 

I scream, you scream, the Junior Summer Scholars scream for Ice Cream! During a week-long course, the Ice Cream Capital class of rising fourth to sixth graders created their own business models, advertised their own ice cream menus, and learned the economics of trade from a real ice cream store owner!

On the first day of the program, teacher Clark Thomson, MFS History Department Chair, introduced the concept of business competition by breaking the class into two groups. Each group was tasked with creating a unique sundae product. After the creation of the treats, the students then were required to create a name and a brand for their product. The two teams, named A Cherry on Top and The Kings of Ice Cream, presented their treats to Mr. Thomson and intern Jamal Pratt ’15. The two sampled the different treats and declared a winner.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students were introduced to a few ideas: selling their products to others and the concept of advertising and marketing to improve sales against competitors. The two teams created posters, promoting their sundaes. The students were then judged on the quality of their advertising and promotion.

The students then began their day on Thursday by playing a game of Bocce ball. The winner was awarded $30 Scholar Dollars, the second place winner was awarded $20 Scholar Dollars, third place was awarded $15, and the rest were awarded $10 Scholar Dollars. After returning inside, students then engaged in an auction for candy that they could put on their ice cream. As the amount of candy dwindled, the price of different items went up. A mini Hershey’s chocolate bar that went for $1 Scholar Dollar at the beginning of the auction later went for $45 (students pooled together money). With this example, the students were taught about the economics of supply and demand. Later, the class headed over to the Greenleaf Building and made soft serve ice cream in an ice cream machine.

On the final day of the program, the class held an ice cream sale for students in other Summer Scholars courses. Stationed side by side, the two teams had to rely on their promotional posters to bring in customers. Representatives from each company were stationed at the door and tried to persuade customers to choose their respective company’s line for ice cream. The Cherry on Top group boasted a multi-flavored ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate) with rainbow sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, and, of course, a cherry on top. The Kings of Ice Cream took a different route and had a s’mores ice cream treat for the customers to purchase. The s’mores creation consisted of vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, and graham cracker pieces, topped with whipped cream and fudge syrup.

The students were bombarded with customers and had to learn quickly how to manage the stress of a busy shop. After the the ice cream competitors closed shop for the day and cleaned up, the tickets were counted and The Kings of Ice Cream were announced winners.