Each week, Summer Scholars Teacher and MFS Preschool Teacher Stephanie Morris explores different scientific and engineering principles with her four and five-year-old Mini Scholars. As they discover new knowledge about the physical, chemical, and biological sciences, Mini Scholars are always encouraged to discuss predictions and share any curious observations with the larger group to practice their team communication skills.

During the second week of the course, the class focused their hands-on investigations on various reactions including liquids and air. Mini Scholars compared the different reactions between oil and water versus vinegar and baking soda. They observed how some molecules experience the force of attraction, while others do not, which fascinated the young scientists. But the favorite reaction they created? Unanimously, the Mini Scholars enthusiastically agreed the “explosion” when baking soda was added to a mixture of vinegar and popcorn kernels was the most thrilling.

Another engaging experiment first required the Mini Scholars to build their own cars. Then, they attached balloons, inflated with air, to the backs of the cars. When the young scientists released the cars, they were able to observe another scientific reaction — propelled movement caused by the force of air. Mini Scholars also designed ramps, paper airplanes, and slingshots to learn more about gravitational force.

When the young scientists were not investigating scientific principles, they also enjoyed time for center exploration, playground, reading, and water play.