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What’s different about MFS Summer Scholars? Our teachers. Our campus. Our attention to detail. Our personal touch. We don’t list courses and then hunt down college students to run them. We hire experienced teachers (MFS and area schools) who are certified in specific grades – many with advanced degrees – and challenge them to create a specialized curriculum just for the program. When teachers teach subject areas of passion, great things happen.

MFS Summer Camp Programs – Summer Scholars classes have access to all the resources found during the school year at Moorestown Friends School. Technology is infused into many classes which makes for a fun and engaging classroom session.

Class sizes are never larger than 14 students. We get to know your child and work to provide the most meaningful and memorable experience possible.

Each day a Summer Scholars Community Building activity takes place as a way of celebrating our school’s Quaker values. Children see the rewards rooted in collaboration, support, teamwork, and self-awareness.

MFS Summer Camp – Summer Scholars Programs are available for students entering Preschool-Grade 10. Scholars enroll in one-week courses exploring technology-infused academics in science, mathematics, arts, sports, and more! To view 2019 dates and tuition, see here. Extended Day for before and after care is available too.

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2019 Courses:

Tot Scholars
Week 1 – June 24 Artistic Explorations: Textiles (AM)
Week 2 – July 8 Look Up! – The Science of Weather (AM)
Week 3 – July 15 Language Arts – Prose, Poetry and Alliteration (AM)
Week 4 – July 22 Head to Toe – Exploring the Human Body (AM)
Week 5 – July 29 Coding and Robotics: Symbols and Directives (AM)
Week 6 – August 6 Dramatic Play – Let’s Go Places! (AM)
All Weeks Extended Afternoon (PM)
Mini Scholars
Week 1 – June 24 Going Buggy (AM)

The Musical World Around Us (AM)

Dino-rific! (PM)

Beginning/ Intermediate Tennis (PM)

Swimming & Field Games (PM)

Week 2 – July 8 Star Gazing (AM)

Karate with NKI (AM)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Invention Convention: The Design Thinking Process (PM)

Imagination Station (PM)

Week 3 – July 15 Coding & Robotics (AM)

What Sprouts in my Garden? (AM)

Not a Box: Creative Construction (AM)

Fiber Arts with HDC (PM)

Planes Trains and Automobiles (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Week 4 – July 22 Reptiles Rock! (AM)

Storybook Art: Writers and Illustrators (FD)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Imagination Station (PM)

Beginning/ Intermediate Tennis (PM)

Week 5 – July 29 Art and Archaeology: Cultural Explorations (FD)

Drama & Creative Movement (AM)

Into The Woods (AM)

Animals and Plants in the Jungles of Borneo (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Week 6 – August 6 Engineering Lab II (AM)

Life in a Tree (AM)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Vets In Training: “Pre-Vet Tech” with HousePaws (PM)

Imagination Station (PM)

Youth Scholars
Week 1 – June 24 Chess with The Knight School (AM)

The New 7 Wonders of the World (AM)

The Nature of Art (PM)

Save-Spend-Give! Financial Planning for Kids (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Week 2 – July 8 Upcycle: Trash to Treasure (FD)

What’s Cooking? (AM)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Career Week (PM)

Week 3 – July 15 So Many Authors, So Little Time (AM)

Fiber Arts (AM)

Building a Fairy and Gnome Fantasy World (FD)

Elementary Chinese (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Week 4 – July 22 Vets In Training: “Interns” (AM)

Minecraft Architecture (AM)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Take a Dive – Marine Science (PM)

Yoga and Mindful Practice (PM)

Week 5 – July 29 Karate Basics with NKI (AM)

Storytelling: Create Your Own Book (AM)

Polymer Clay Creatures

Puppet Theater (PM)

Global Footsteps (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Week 6 – August 6 STEM Construction (AM)

Let’s Put on a Play! (FD)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Make Your Own Board Game (PM)

Junior Scholars
Week 1 – June 24 Jewelry Design and Wearable Art (AM)

Wizardry U. (AM)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Intro to Watercolor & Calligraphy (PM)

Computer Animation (PM)

Week 2 – July 8 Scholar Daily News II (AM)

Forensic Science (AM)

TinkerCAD and 3D Printing (AM)

Energized! Today’s Alternative Power (PM)

Prose and the Palate: Reading and Eating (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Week 3 – July 15 Escape Room Phase II (AM)

Clean Dirt: Organic Gardening (AM)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Chess with The Knight School (PM)

Yoga and Mindful Practice (PM)

Week 4 – July 22 Minecraft Architecture (AM)

Designing Greeting Cards (AM)

Vets In Training: “Interns” (PM)

The Nature of Clay (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Week 5 – July 29 LEGO BattleBots (AM)

We Are! Girl Power (AM)

Swimming/ Field Games (AM)

Sew Tech Circuitry (PM)

Rockets and Racecars (PM)

Week 6 – August 6 Building Bridges – Engineering, Architecture and Design (AM)

Design and Develop Your Own App – Phase II (AM)

The Art and Science of Filmmaking (PM)

Survival Science in the Forest (PM)

Swimming/ Field Games (PM)

Senior Scholars     
Week 1 – June 24 Mock Trial Turbo: Special Investigations (FD)

Visual Arts Portfolio Preparation: Stand Up and Be Noticed! (FD) (Rising 11th-12th)

Swimming/ Athletic Training (AM)

The Potter’s Wheel and Beyond (PM)

Week 2 – July 8 Model United Nations (MUN) (FD)

Cracking the Rubik’s Cube and Speed Cubing (AM)

Chess with The Knight School (PM)

Submerge! Scuba Certification Course (PM)

Swimming/Athletic Training (PM)

Week 3 – July 15 Mock Trial #3 (FD)

Entrepreneurial Me! – Start a Start-up  (AM)

Swimming/ Athletic Training (AM)

Escape Room Phase II (PM)

Week 4 – July 22 LEGO Mindstorm Robotics (AM)

Music Video Production (PM)

Conducting Scientific Research (FD)

Swimming/ Athletic Training (PM)

Week 5 – July 29 Hone your Drone (AM)

Fashion Design & Machine Sewing: The Handwork Studio (AM)

Life Skills & Money Management (PM)

Cinematography (PM)

Swimming/ Athletic Training (AM)

Week 6 – August 6 Vets In Training: “Residents” (AM)

Virtual Reality – Applications in Science and Engineering (PM)

Swimming/ Athletic Training (PM)

*Class names/dates subject to change prior to December 8

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