Junior Scholars (Grades 4-6)


Ages: Rising 4th through 6th Grade students

Student-teacher ratio: 7:1

2020 Courses:
Minecraft Architecture (Week 1)
Golf PLP (Play Learn Play) (Week 1)
American Sign Language (Week 1)
Escape Room (Week 2)
Field Hockey (Week 2)
TBP Racquet Sports (Week 2)
Graphic Design Portfolio (Week 3)
Disney Imagineering (Week 3)
Child and Babysitter Safety Certification Course (Week 3)
Jewelry Design and Wearable Art (Week 4)
The Knight School Chess (Week 4)
Archimedes Principle: The Physics Behind Hot Air Balloons (Week 4)
Vets in Training (Week 5)
Progressions in Virtual Reality (Week 5)
Bridging the Gap (Week 5)
The Art of Mobile Photography (Week 6)
Roblox Editor: Make Your Own Obby Game (Week 6)
Let’s Get Cooking (Week 6)

NEW for 2020 – PM Activity Blocks (All Weeks):
Free Swim
Board Games
Drama and Improv
Book Club


This phase of Junior Scholars’ development and growth requires hands on projects within the day so that learning and fun can be woven into each class. Master teachers plan class topics that stem from their own talents and passion. The difference is shown in exceptional classroom management, creative engagement, and unique problem-solving with students self-directing much of their achievements. Morning AND afternoon class choices are now available!

Further Questions? Call Director of Summer/Auxiliary Programs Martha Cameron: (856) 914-4493 or email MFSscholars@mfriends.org.

MFS reserves the right to change class times based on scheduling conflicts, and may cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment. In such cases as the latter, full refunds will be granted.

Junior Scholars

2019 Blog Posts:

Week 6 (August 5-9): Junior Scholars

Week 6 (August 5-9): Junior Scholars

Building Bridges: Engineering, Architecture, and Design - Michelle Greenberg We are off to a great start with our bridge designs. We started by studying bridges around the world and then experimenting to find out which shapes make the strongest bridges. Then, we built...

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Week 5 (July 29 – August 2): Junior Scholars

Week 5 (July 29 – August 2): Junior Scholars

LEGO BattleBots - Michelle Greenberg We've designed and built some fierce robots and are preparing them for an epic battle.  On Monday, everyone built the same driving base for a strong foundation and we began to add accessories to our EV3 robots that will help them...

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Week 4 (July 22-26): Junior Scholars

Week 4 (July 22-26): Junior Scholars

Minecraft Architecture  - Finn MacConnell The main focus of our class is to get students to work together on builds that each of them have come up with individually. On Monday, we got to know each other by introducing ourselves and spending the rest of the class...

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