Mini Scholars (Kindergarten – Grade 1)


Ages: Rising Kindergarten and 1st grade students

Student-teacher ratio: 5:1

2020 Courses:
Scavenger Hunt (Week 1)
Vets in Training (Week 1)
Secrets of Ancient Egypt (Week 2)
Safari Expedition (Week 2)
Coding/Robotics (Week 3)
Meteorology (Week 3)
NKI Karate (Week 3)
Angles of Art (Week 4)
Flags and National Symbols from Around the World (Week 4)
Drama & Creative Movement (Week 4)
Very Hungry Caterpillar Collage (Week 5)
Heroes and Monsters in Greek Mythology (Week 5)
Clay Creatures (Week 5)
Birds Birds Birds (Week 6)
Invention Convention (Week 6)
Swim Instruction & PE/Field Games (All Weeks)

NEW for 2020 – PM Activity Blocks (All Weeks):
Free Swim
Garden Dig
Board Games
Imaginative Play


In our Mini Scholar classes, experienced elementary teachers focus their teachings while exposing children to a unique responsive classroom experience.

At MFS Summer Scholars, learning and fun go hand in hand. Whether you choose a full day for your child or a half day, one-on-one and small group activities stimulate growth in resilience and resourcefulness. 

Further Questions? Call Director of Summer/Auxiliary Programs Martha Cameron: (856) 914-4493 or email

  • A small portion of the day following lunch includes a community activity which reflects an important element in the Moorestown Friends educational philosophy.

MFS reserves the right to change class times based on scheduling conflicts, and may cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment. In such cases as the latter, full refunds will be granted.

Mini Scholars

2019 Blog Posts:

Week 6 (August 5-9): Mini Scholars

Week 6 (August 5-9): Mini Scholars

Engineering Lab II - Christy Mueller We have had a great start to our week! We learned that engineers problem solve and create to make the world around them better. We have practiced outside-of-the-box problem solving by building model bridges while limited to using...

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Week 5 (July 29 – August 2): Mini Scholars

Week 5 (July 29 – August 2): Mini Scholars

Art and Archaeology: Cultural Explorations - Pauline Williams As our week begins, we are digging into the ancient cultures of the Americas. In the tradition of the Navajos, we are exploring sand painting and have begun to work with clay as we discuss the Mayan...

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Week 4 (July 22-26): Mini Scholars

Week 4 (July 22-26): Mini Scholars

Reptiles Rock! - Andrea Bourne Snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and turtles have been the focus of our learning so far this week. We discovered that snakes have a clear scale over their eyes, that alligators and crocodiles have different shaped snouts, and that the...

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