Senior Scholars (Grades 7-10)


Ages: Rising 7th through 10th Grade students

Student-teacher ratio: 8:1

2020 Courses:
Let’s Get Psyched (Week 1)
Intro to Essential French Through Storytelling (Week 1)
Mock Trial (Week 2)
Fortnite Game Development and Unreal Engine Level Design (Week 2)
Model Congress (Week 3)
Child and Babysitter Safety Certification Course (Week 3)
Model United Nations (Week 4)
eSports Gamecasting (Week 4)
Moot Court (Week 5)
Digital Storytelling (Week 5)
Introduction to the World of Business Management (Week 6)
Logic Games & Strategy Puzzles (Week 6)

NEW for 2020 – PM Activity Blocks (All Weeks):
Free Swim
Board Games
Drama and Improv
Book Club


Senior Scholar participants enjoy many advanced class options with teachers working across various disciplines such as the sciences, liberal arts, and more. Technology is the universal language! Everyone learns from each other through team projects and group work. This age group needs to be challenged and that’s what will happen on a daily basis. Master teachers plan class topics that stem from their own talents and passion. The difference is shown in exceptional classroom management, creative engagement, and unique problem-solving with students self-directing much of their achievements. Morning, afternoon, and full-day class choices are available!

Further Questions? Call Director of Summer/Auxiliary Programs Martha Cameron: (856) 914-4493 or email

MFS reserves the right to change class times based on scheduling conflicts, and may cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment. In such cases as the latter, full refunds will be granted.

Senior Scholars

2019 Blog Posts:

Week 6 (August 5-9): Senior Scholars

Week 6 (August 5-9): Senior Scholars

Vets in Training "Residents" - HousePaws VIT Staff By embracing the human-animal bond through interaction and education, the HousePaws Vets in Training Program provides hands-on, experience-based veterinary education to each student. The “Residents” course for our...

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Week 5 (July 29 – August 2): Senior Scholars

Week 5 (July 29 – August 2): Senior Scholars

Hone Your Drone - Kevin Cox On Monday, our newest drone pilots did some great work to prepare themselves for flight. We learned some of the federal, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania laws regarding unmanned aircrafts. We found some cool, and some silly, ways that people...

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Week 4 (July 22-26): Senior Scholars

Week 4 (July 22-26): Senior Scholars

Robotics LEGO Mindstorm - Kevin Cox Our robots are up and running! So far this week we've had fun searching for the perfect LEGO pieces to build our first robots. Everyone has successfully built a robot, which led to our first opportunities to program! We've had...

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