Jewelry Design and Wearable Art – Ailsa Stevenson

We have had a busy two days in Jewelry Design and Wearable Art! We began by making leather cuffs on Monday, which involved softening the leather with water and using stamps to create a design. Students then used an awl to make holes in order to embroider a pattern with needle and thread, and then used a different tool to attach snaps.

On Tuesday, we learned about resin and casted many resin pieces to be used in creations like rings and necklaces later this week when they set. Students brought items from home, and used glitter, seashells, magazine pieces and more to make unique designs that we then encased in two-part epoxy resin. We will continue to explore the many different media that can be used to create jewelry- fused glass, etched copper, metal hardware and more. The new jewelers will have all the knowledge to continue their creating at home!

Intro to Watercolor and Calligraphy – Jessica Durdin

We have had a great start in our Introduction to Watercolor and Calligraphy so far this week! We have explored new skills and techniques for making floral patterns in a rose and creating watercolor wreaths.  We have been practicing both capital and lowercase brush lettering and are working on our names. The room is filled with creativity, great conversation and exploration of the arts.

Computer Animation – Debbie DeRosa

Students started their week by learning how to use and apply basic tools in Adobe Photoshop to create and animate GIFs.

Next, students worked in groups to plan and create a short stop-motion video. They created scripts and used traditional materials to stage and photograph their stories, which will later be produced in iMovie. Students will add video, audio clips, and narration to their final production.

Click here to learn more about computer animation! 

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

All age groups have been working on their bowling skills and practicing their fine motor skills using our speedstack stacking cups. Up next this week is pillow polo hockey and a fun game of battleship.