Going Buggy – Andrea Bourne

We have been looking at different types of insects and learning about their unique bodies. We are discovering new facts every day, including that ladybugs use their bright color to ward off predators. We painted and assembled ladybug art, crafted buzzing bees, went on a bug hunt, and will begin two special ‘glow in the dark’ projects as we learn about fireflies and make our own bug collection jars! We’ll end the week learning about spiders, which aren’t really insects (but make us a little buggy) and we’ll weave our own spider webs.

The Musical World Around Us – Jessica Durdin

This week in camp we have been really exploring the “Musical World Around Us”! We have explored the campus on a “sound walk” where we silently listened for natural sounds around us. We have danced and sang and even created some musical instruments of our own to explore and share music.

Dino-rific! – Christy Mueller

To start our dinosaur-filled week we learned that dinosaurs lived long, long ago and talked about the life that came before them (plants, insects, reptiles). We then focused on some different dinosaurs and the parts of their bodies such as their brain sizes, their claws, and feet. So far we’ve speculated what dinosaurs may have looked like by making masks and model eggs. Next we will be exploring how predator and prey worked in the prehistoric days, what paleontologists do, and what happened to end the dinosaurs. We’ll also dive into making our own fossils and working on a dinosaur dig!

Beginning/Intermediate Tennis – Josh Weinstein

For the past two days, students at MFS Summer Camp have been learning to love and understand the amazing game of tennis. We have not only learned how to hit fast paced forehands but have also had fun playing games like Crocodile Tennis, Hot Feet, Dodgeball and King/Queen of the Court. We are looking forward to playing many more games as well as learning how to serve and play doubles.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

All age groups have been working on their bowling skills and practicing their fine motor skills using our speedstack stacking cups. Up next this week is pillow polo hockey and a fun game of battleship.