Mock Trial Turbo: Special Investigations – Clark Thomson

Each day, we learn about a different piece of the process of a case. We’ve learned about opening and closing statements, direct questioning of witnesses, and cross-examination. This week’s case, People of the State of Illinois v. Alex Buckley, involves arson and the death of a woman at a boarding school. The accused is another student at the school who was competing with her for valedictorian; the prosecution believes that they can convict him for this particular crime, but his defense believes that another person committed the crime.

At the end of the week, the prosecution and defense will meet and we’ll find out what the jury says. Families can join us on Friday at 10:10 a.m., when we will be turning part of Hartman Hall into a courtroom and there will be a gallery for the audience.

Visual Arts Portfolio Preparation – Nicole Edmund

Our rising senior art students have been jumping right into our 6 hour studio days, developing their technical skills and creating some amazing art in the process. Our week long experience covers 5-8 different genres of art to create a minimum of 5 competed works suitable for college portfolio submission. On day one, we delved into observational drawing using fruit as our subject — drawing in graphite, charcoal, pastel and ink wash. Day two has been an exploration of watercolor painting using traditional and contemporary techniques. The final three days will cover digital art, mixed media, printmaking and oil painting.