Chess with the Knight School – Coach Luke

This week we have been covering the fundamentals of chess. The students have learned the names, movements and values of the pieces.  We will also be covering tactics such as the Modified Scholar’s Mate, Forking and the Ladder Mate.  We will end the week with a mini-tournament where students will be able to compete and showcase the tactics they have learned. 

The New 7 Wonders of the World – Ted Quinn

We started the week by researching to build our knowledge about the 7 wonders. We have used Encyclopedia Britannica online, Google Earth, and books from the MFS library to plan models that we’ll build in the coming days, make a timeline, and to develop questions and share fascinating things we’re learning. We’re focusing on the people who built the wonders, their purpose, and the time that they were built and used. Campers have chosen the wonder that they find most amazing, and on Wednesday and Thursday, they will build models of the wonder. On Friday, we’ll prepare oral presentations about what we’ve learned.  You’re welcome to join us at 11:00am on Friday to see the models and presentations.

Save-Spend-Give! Financial Planning for Kids – Ted Quinn

Campers have done something very grown up: planning and budgeting their monthly expenses!  The students thought hard about what they wanted and needed (one camper eventually shed a limo, deeming it too expensive) and thought about how to reduce baseline expenses to free up money for saving and giving. We did activities about compound interest, including a simulation designed to show how important it is to minimize debt and start saving early. Over the coming days, we will apply these concepts to kid endeavors: making and selling fruit pops and designing and selling a product of each camper’s choice.  We’re hoping to sell some of the things we make by the end of the week.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

All age groups have been working on their bowling skills and practicing their fine motor skills using our speedstack stacking cups. Up next this week is pillow polo hockey and a fun game of battleship.