Scholar Daily News – Debra Galler

This week in Scholar Daily News, the students have officially published their first few news pieces! On Monday and Tuesday, we did an in-depth study of the mock trial case, as that’s what the students wanted to focus on. To see the articles, click here.

Swimming & Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

The past two days, we have been focusing on the field games aspect of the camp. The Junior Scholars have been introduced to games including 3 versus 3 soccer and basketball. They have also made up a few of their own games and we have all worked together to play them. During the rest of the week, we will play more cooperative team building games and bowling.

Exploring Plate Tectonics – Sarah Moser

Our exploring plate tectonics group is off to a great start. This week is all about creating models of the Earth, its layers and internal activity, and the movement of the crust; clementines were are first resource that represented our Earth! On Tuesday we focused on the Earth’s crust and the different ways that the plates move as modeled by graham crackers. Next, we will dive inside the Earth to learn about convection with ‘magical’ convection fluid.

We will also spend some time discovering more about all of the incredible geological activity currently happening throughout the world! To culminate, we will create a 3D, and more importantly a deliciously edible, model of the Earth’s layers and the types of tectonic plate boundaries.