Building STEAM – Karen Mullen

Our week of STEAM has started off on a great foot! We have been getting to know each other and making new friends. On Monday, we learned about towers. We looked at pictures of famous towers and noted their similarities and differences. We discussed how engineers think of a plan and then design the tower. We also talked about how they often change their plans to make sure the tower will not collapse. We then worked with a partner to build our own towers out of gumdrops and toothpicks. First, our engineers had to think of a plan, then they had to design and draw a blueprint of their tower, and then try to build it. We discovered that building a tall tower was not as easy as we thought. We had to often change our design because the tower was falling over. We also had a few friends who wanted to eat parts of the tower, but it was stressed that engineers do not eat the materials they are building with!

On Tuesday, we explored the how the sun affects our lives. We talked about how we need to protect ourselves from the sun rays, how the sun can melt things, and how it can make shadows when we are outside. We did an experiment using ice cubes. We predicted what would melt faster an ice cube placed on white paper or one placed on black paper. We then conducted our experiment and wrote down our results. We discovered that the majority of our ice cubes that were on the black paper melted faster. To end our day, we made sun catchers. We used glue and liquid watercolors to form the sun catchers. They will be sent home later in the week after they have had time to dry.

I cannot wait for the rest of the week! We will be exploring different art techniques and be conducting experiments, which involve some fun methods of exploding different materials. We will continue to explore STEAM in fun and creative ways.


Swimming & Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

The first week of Field Games has been exciting. Students have learned new games in the gym and have been moving every minute.
From 3 vs 3 soccer to Gaga ball, the students are having a good time and they can hope for more of the same in the upcoming weeks.

Vets in Training: “Pre-Vet Techs” – Rachael Samaroo-Lojek

This week campers are learning about many varieties of animals, their¬†habitats, and their needs as living beings. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet a series of animals including a guinea pig, ferret, King the bearded dragon, and a mother hedgehog with her three babies. The hedgehogs served as an in-person example of an animal’s needs during their growing stages of life. We look forward to learning more about the life stages and individual characteristics of animals as the week goes on.