Mock Trial #1: State of Oregon vs. Taylor Durden – Clark Thomson

The Summer Scholars Mock Trial class is preparing for the trial of The State of Oregon v Taylor Durden. Ms. Durden, a pledge master of the honors society of Epsilon Sigma Epsilon, oversaw an event during which a student ultimately died. Our prosecution and defense teams will argue the case Friday morning at 10:00 (visitors are welcome and appreciated). Our usual courthouse is under construction, so we will be finding an alternative location. At this point, the lawyers have been preparing direct and cross-examinations of all the witnesses. Wednesday is the always popular “OBJECTION MORNING!” By Wednesday afternoon, the prosecution and defense should have most of the framework for their arguments complete. I am impressed with their work with exhibits, this year. It will be an interesting case.

Vets in Training: Residents – Rachael Samaroo-Lojek

The Vets in Training: “Resident” campers have broken down some of the daily skills of veterinarians. In the past two days, students have met live animals, been exposed to animal CPR, specifically in reference to dogs, and have performed cow dissections. We look forward to diving into the other skills required of vets and the meticulous steps involved in each skill.

Swimming & Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

The past two days, we have been focusing on the field games aspect of the camp. The Senior Scholars have been introduced to games including 3 versus 3 soccer and basketball. They have also made up a few of their own games and we have all worked together to play them.
During the rest of the week, we will play more cooperative team building games and bowling.