Comic Book Art & Design – Megan Blackburn

We began our exploration of comic art and design by taking a team approach. We played a word association game and used the words to create a storyline with pictures. Each team eventually used 13 of the 15 words in a storyline involving Pickle Nation, Donald Trump, and an elephant. Today we tried drawing from real life by making self-portraits. And, using a selection of graphic novels as a reference point, we are discussing framing and sequencing stories. In the coming days, we will work with drawing perspective and creating stories from alternate points of view. We have promising comic stories in-process!


STEM Discoveries – Kevin Cox

The excitement and creativity of our scholars made for an excellent start to the week!

On Monday morning, we had a conversation about what STEM is and the importance of working as a team. It became clear very quickly that this group’s creative spirit fit in well with our ideas of STEM discovery. For inspiration, we’ve watched a number of awesome domino chain reaction videos. Individually, and then as teams, our scholars took their shot at building domino chain reactions! We practiced skills of patience and resilience as our dominos fell before we were ready!

After having fun cleaning up all of our dominos and other materials on Tuesday, we worked on building a base to a house of cards!  Although we won’t be able to live in any of our card houses, we certainly had fun building them! The scholars are looking forward to designing a bridge out of popsicle sticks tomorrow!


Swimming & Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

The past two days, we have been focusing on the field games aspect of the camp. The Youth Scholars have been introduced to games including tag, in many varieties, 3 versus 3 soccer, pinball games, and meteor ball. These games require focus and work on quick reflexes, as well as decision-making skills and teamwork.
By the end of the week, it is my hope that most of the campers will have the ability to feel comfortable with each other in a game setting.

Kite Building & Design – Clare MacKenzie

Kite builders jumped right into action on Monday, building and decorating Folded Paper Kites, which are easy to make with materials we likely have around the house. We flew our kites at the end of the day and had a lot of fun feeling the wind try to tug them out of our hands. We learned important safety rules for kite-flying, and we also learned about the challenges of dealing with wind that changes direction and strength really frequently!

On Tuesday we created the design and cut out templates for our Plastic Bag Sled Kites. We had to be really careful and precise when making the grid for our template, and we learned the old saying “measure twice, cut once.” During the rest of the week, we’ll be finishing and flying our big sled kites, experimenting with other materials, and improvising changes to the folded paper kite design.


Elementary Chinese – Jane Zhao

This week we have played in a fun and enjoyable environment using a variety of fun Chinese songs, games, crafts, and stories. We have learned to greet each other, count from 1 to 10, name the colors in Chinese, explored the Chinese Zodiac and their more traditional culture.

From Monday to Wednesday, every child received a Chinese name and practiced writing. We have learned to say, and memorized, the 12 animals in order from the story “The Twelve Zodiac”. Each camper drew a dragon mask and made a zodiac fan. In addition, we have sung three Chinese songs: “Hello”, “1234567”, and “Shark Family”.

On Thursday and Friday, kids will be introduced the color Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple in Chinese through the story “The Rainbow Flower”. They will also learn two songs: “Dear Sun” and “Colors”. Students will make crafts including a porcupine and a rainbow flower bracelet.

Although only a short week, I hope that all the students in my class can enjoy learning Chinese and would like to learn more about Chinese culture and become a bridge to integrate Eastern and Western cultures.