Elementary Coding With Robotics: Bob Campbell

We’ve had a wonderful time this week exploring the digital world of coding & robotics!
So far the children have completed introductory computer science lessons on code.org, created an animated story using code blocks, designed avatars & environments for an interactive computer game, programmed bee-bots & ozobots, reinforced coding skills with the game Robot Turtles, explored virtual reality using google cardboard, and experimented with augmented reality using a holographic display.
The rest of the week will focus on learning to create interactive games using Scratch Jr. & Sploder.
I’ve had a blast so far this week and hopefully the kids have as well!

Swimming: Joshua Ponter

At the swimming program we know that kids come to us with all different levels of ability and comfort levels in the water. We like to begin by assessing everybody for skills and confidence in their ability to swim and play safely in the pool and surrounding area.
We have been working with some of the less experienced swimmer to improve their skills with concerns towards safety, as well as the more advanced swimmer focusing on technique and stroke mechanics. While reinforcing the pool rules, we make sure we include plenty of time for group play activities, where the swimmers can enjoy practicing their decision making skills and exercising teamwork.
By the end of the week it is my hope that most of the campers will have the ability to feel comfortable and secure in a pool setting, having made strides towards becoming able and confident swimmers, so as to make the water a fun and safe place to grow.

Youth Tennis: Alvaro Gonzalez

The youth tennis campers have been having a lot of fun this week learning and practicing the game of tennis! Monday the scholars worked on their rallies. Tuesday they learned to serve the ball and volley close to the net. Wednesday the students continued to practice their serves close to the net, but expanded on this skill by learning and practicing how to return a serve.
Thursday the students will learn tactics of the game and Friday we will finish the week of with fun games that use a culmination of all the skills the scholars have learned!