Creative Movie Creative Movie Making – Diana Day

Creative Moviemakers have been an inspiring and inspired group so far!  Monday, they dug in immediately with a video portrait activity. A modern take on Andy Warhol’s famous “screen tests,” the activity asked the scholars to explore how video photography might enhance or change traditional still portraiture. The video portraits required some advanced skills, like using an external graphics editor to create text overlays to import into iMovie. On Tuesday scholars finished their video portraits and took on a new creative challenge – using a special effect as inspiration for a quick scene. They got so excited by a colleague’s idea that they all jumped on board, added in their own ideas and skills and turned the quick activity into a longer production. They all collaborated beautifully during the shooting process and completed shooting today. Tomorrow they will finish organizing their footage, and they hope to complete editing. Friday they can put finishing touches on their masterpiece, and if there’s time, we will do another video activity. I have spent a little time discussing with each Scholar their plans for sharing movies with you; some have chosen to save work on a USB drive, and others are uploading their work to Google Drive. Please let me know if you have any questions about how you’ll be able to view your child’s work.

A Seussical Adventure – Kaitlin Kelly

Welcome to the world of Dr. Seuss!  This week we have been having a wonderful time exploring a variety of Dr. Seuss books! On Monday, we read the Lorax and completed a water pollution experiment and then painted and potted our own flowers!  On Tuesday, we listened to Bartholomew and the Oobleck and got our hands messy by making our very own green oobleck slime!  On Wednesday, we joined in on an adventure through the book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, and then created passports and traveled to the seven different continents!  The week has been jam packed full of learning and experiences and we look forward to the last two days of creating our own zoo animals to go along with, If I Ran the Zoo, and testing our building skills with apples, after listening to Ten Apples Up on Top!

LEGO Design Build Robotics – Mike Romea

It is a pleasure working with your children this week in our Lego Robotics class here at MFS Summer Scholars. This week is all about building your child’s interest in engineering and programming through robotics. I am not only impressed with their levels of prior knowledge, but inspired by their willingness to learn new coding and design techniques. We have loved testing their design/programs and are so proud of even their early successes. Monday focused on building our base robot (the MFS bot) to achieve some basic driving objectives. Today, we programmed the MFSbot to serve as a retrieval and delivery drone (for “pizza”,of course). The rest of our week will include challenges the students choose to develop, whether practical or more creative. These projects could manifest in many ways: in the arts(musicbox, dancingBot, drawingBot), sports (including a Track-bot, Golf-bot, Soccer-bot, basketball-bot),  or something even more unique. Usually, these designs truly force a deeper exploration of design, code and logic. Lego robotics is a wonderful opportunity for children to take intellectual risks. I hope each day we reinforce that perseverance and hard work truly pay off.  Add in critical thinking skills and collaboration and you have a formula for a wonderful week. I encourage you to remind your child that our class Edmodo page will remain active and has some of their uploads as well as additional resources. I can’t imagine a better way to start my summer than sharing my love of learning with your children.

Latin American Cooking – Josefina Paolello

This group is having a great time chopping vegetables and mixing ingredients. On day one we made a Spanish Tortilla, Patatas Bravas (roasted potatoes with garlic sauce), and Albóndigas en salsa (beef meatballs with onions and peppers). On day two we made Churros con chocolate caliente for a snack and Ceviche de Camarones ecuatoriano (shrimp Ceviche from Ecuador). Tomorrow we will go to Cuba and make their most popular dish; Ropa Vieja ( flank steak with vegetables and rice). For a sweet treat we will also make Arroz con Leche. The best part we are making everything from scratch with fresh ingredients! I feel lucky to have a great group who likes to help and are willing to try everything. ¡Buen Provecho!

Handwork Day Camp – Handwork Staff

Our class has been busy exploring the world of needle-arts! Throughout the week we hope to teach hand-sewing, embroidery, knitting, weaving, needle-felting and much more! On Wednesday, campers were sewing their own mini pouches. By the end of the week we hope to send every child home with beautiful handmade designs of their own creation.

Computer Animation – Bob Campbell

We’ve had a wonderful time this week creating short form cartoons in our little animation studio! So far the students have learned how to make looping gifs using Photoshop frame animation, animated videos using Photoshop video timeline, and interactive animated stories using Scratch. We’ve also looked ahead to the future of animation by exploring a cartoon virtual reality using google cardboard, and experimented with augmented reality using a holographic display. The rest of the week we will focus on learning how to make stop motion animation using construction paper, legos, modeling clay, iPads & iMovie. I’ve had a blast so far this week and hopefully the kids have as well!

Hamster Haven – Jessica Durdin

This week we are taking a closer look at Hamsters and their living environment. We are discussing community and what the important aspects are in a city. That is being translated into the planning, mapping and creation of each group’s “city”, designed for our two Robo Dwarf hamsters!  We are also working together to brainstorm and play a variety of games and activities throughout our week together! Our two hamsters will be up for adoption at the end of this week to a good home, supplies are not included.

Silk Screening – Samantha Salazar

Silk screening has been learning about printmaking techniques and have screen printed a series of abstract prints. This group is really creative and picking up the printing concepts very quickly! They are finishing their final designs and will be prepping their screens for printing. The campers are excited to leave on Friday with custom printed canvas bags and t-shirts.

Youth Soccer – Jake Dowiak

This week at camp we have turned our focus on dribbling technique and ball control. Coach Jake has introduced a number of drills and exercises that are designed to push our players to use all parts of both feet to gain a mastery of the ball. We have also taken part in a number of games that encourage players to work together in a team setting, all the while making sure our “theme of the week” is the primary focus. This week’s campers have excelled thus far and we are looking forward to finishing the week strong!

Youth Tennis – Moorestown Tennis Club

In this introductory week of tennis, we will be teaching the basics of tennis from how to hold a racket and terms like serve and volley. Each day, we do fun warm-up exercises for play before we begin practicing hitting the ball. We’ll end the week with some fun games of tennis!

Swimming – Josh Ponter

This is an awesome week for pool time. For our beginner-level swimmers, we started off the week with some testing to see the abilities of all our campers for safety. We like to go over basic techniques to have fun while swimming while staying safe. For our more experienced swimmers, we like to play games – racing, diving, pool noodles, and more!