Creative Movie Creative Movie Making – Diana Day

Creative Moviemakers have been an inspiring and inspired group so far!  Monday, they dug in immediately with a video portrait activity. A modern take on Andy Warhol’s famous “screen tests,” the activity asked the scholars to explore how video photography might enhance or change traditional still portraiture. The video portraits required some advanced skills, like using an external graphics editor to create text overlays to import into iMovie. On Tuesday scholars finished their video portraits and took on a new creative challenge – using a special effect as inspiration for a quick scene. They got so excited by a colleague’s idea that they all jumped on board, added in their own ideas and skills and turned the quick activity into a longer production. They all collaborated beautifully during the shooting process and completed shooting today. Tomorrow they will finish organizing their footage, and they hope to complete editing. Friday they can put finishing touches on their masterpiece, and if there’s time, we will do another video activity. I have spent a little time discussing with each Scholar their plans for sharing movies with you; some have chosen to save work on a USB drive, and others are uploading their work to Google Drive. Please let me know if you have any questions about how you’ll be able to view your child’s work.

Model United Nations – Clark Thomson

World War II is winding down. The President of the United States is Harry S. Truman and his war cabinet is advising him on how to end the war, but he is bound by the Potsdam Declaration calling for unconditional surrender. The Manhattan Project has completed work and tested a nuclear weapon in New Mexico. What will his advisors suggest? The Model United Nations class has learned about the protocols of parliamentary procedure and the process of a crisis committee. They have informed the president about the Manhattan Project, the pluses and minuses of an invasion of mainland Japan, and the looming threat of the Soviet Union, at this point an ally. Over the next three mornings, the cabinet will decide on and enact a course of action. Of course, history has a way of changing as decisions are made. There are no guarantees in Model UN.

Intro to Creative Writing – Emily Salazar

Our mighty group has spent two days developing the premise and plot for a few short stories. As of today, the writers will choose their favorite story they’ve been working on and will spend today getting to know the characters they’ve created. Tomorrow we will work on figuring out the right place for a story to end and get to know some revision techniques. We’ll culminate our week on Friday with a short story workshop, where students will read and hear each other’s stories and provide each writer with some feedback on the hot spots (favorite elements) of each story. When your writer returns home on Friday, he or she will officially be the author of a completed, thoughtful short story.

Project Engineering – Griffin Kidd

Students have been building working wind turbines, solar powered race cars, balsa wood bridges, and learn to work on a CAD program. Access to the MFS 3D printer will allow students to print their own designs. The week would not be complete without a good egg-drop competition, of course.