Star Gazing – Sam Swire

It’s been a blast in Star Gazing camp so far! On Monday we built our own rocket ships using paper towel tubes, foil, tissue paper, and other household materials. On Tuesday we read about constellations and then used paper cups and flashlights to make our favorite ones visible whenever we want. In the next few days we will be painting planets, designing yummy constellations, and having a space related treat!

Karate with NKI – Master Kim

We learned about self-discipline and self-control while practicing basic karate punches, kicks, and blocks (for example: the “knifehand strike,” also known as a karate chop, and a high kick). Through these activities, we worked on focus, attention and listening skills. The students are excited to learn more techniques as the week continues!

Invention Convention: The Design Thinking Process – Megan Blackburn

The children have started the week with great energy and enthusiasm. The first day we discovered that it was a child who invented earmuffs, and a child who invented the less well-known shirt napkin (really- a napkin velcroed to a shirt sleeve). Their own ideas were very ambitious: an airplane with a built-in gas station, an umbrella that cools you down with water, a flying beach house, and a double decker marker. We’ve broken ideas into categories including games, food, clothing to help focus thinking. Today we focused on board games and card games. One of the children invented a card game with rules similar to “war” featuring colored shapes. We will continue the week with team invention challenges, more brainstorming and more creating.

Imagination Station – Nicole Moore-Medley

Students have been using their imaginations to create all sorts of things! The Mini Scholars have been supplied with all the materials they need, from tissue paper to pipe cleaners, and have made creations such as butterflies and a land of sculptures. Up next: making flowers with a flower press outside (weather permitting)!

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

Pinball, Pinball Soccer, and 2 vs 2 soccer are just the start to PE/Field games this week. Skee Bowling and Make It Take It are up next! Swimmers learned the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and frog kick.