Model UN: Historical Crisis Committee – Clark Thomson

In 1953, the United Nations elected Dag Hammarskjöld as the second Secretary-General. The Senior Scholars have been exploring the global issues of Hammarskjöld’s time, including relations between Israel and the Arab States, the Suez Crisis, and the African movement for decolonization. All are invited to the Model UN committee session, which will take place this Friday at 10 a.m. in Room 106.

Cracking the Rubik’s Cube and Speed Cubing – Michael Romea

Unlocking the secret to the world-famous Rubik’s Cube has engaged our senior scholars with critical thinking, grit, collaboration and communication. This week these bright young minds learned about algorithms and themselves as they solved one of the most famous puzzles of our time.​​

Swimming and Athletic Training – Kyle Hagerthey

Pinball, Pinball Soccer, and 2 vs 2 soccer are just the start to PE/Field games this week. Skee Bowling and Make It Take It are up next! Senior Scholars have also started to learn what athletic training is all about. They are working hard in the weight room.