Upcycle: Trash to Treasure – Caitlin Sweeney

The sky is the limit once you see how all your unwanted trash can become beautiful new treasures. The campers have been busy non-stop, eagerly beginning to see the potential in these formerly unwanted materials. So far campers have made marble mazes out of cardboard boxes, popsicle sticks and straws. We toured camp in the afternoon, letting other campers give our mazes a try. Campers have also used tin cans, bottle caps and egg cartons to make robots and dogs, complete with a braided plastic bag leash. Campers are excited to make wind chimes, a bottle catch game, picture frames and puppets later this week.

What’s Cooking? – Nicole Moore-Medley

Students started the week by creating “shrinky dinks” – keychains of their own design that were made using a toaster oven. On Tuesday, they made solar s’mores, learning about solar energy by cooking sweet treats outside in boxes made of aluminum foil and black construction paper. Wednesday’s activity was make-your-own sugar cookies, and future projects will include edible “sugared glass,” edible water bubbles, and candles!

Career Week – Josh Weinstein

Career Week has gotten off to a fast start! To begin, Youth Scholars took a personality test, which helped them explore some options of future careers based on the results of their respective tests. In addition, scholars worked on “life maps,” exploring significant events in their lives to help shape their career choices in the future. During the rest of the week, we are looking forward to playing Career Bingo, Improv Career Games, Self-Portraits, Press Conference Interviews, and much much more.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

Pinball, Pinball Soccer, and 2 vs 2 soccer are just the start to PE/Field games this week. Skee Bowling and Make It Take It are up next! Swimmers learned the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and frog kick.