Escape Room with BreakoutEDU – Michael Romea

So far this week we have had a wonderful time escaping and designing various themed rooms in our  MFS Summer Escape rooms classes. Whether an alien invasion or the Watergate break out, we have cultivated the 4 C’s throughout these challenges: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

Just Be: Yoga and Mindfulness – Paige Bloom

Namaste from the yoga studio! Just Be, our yoga and mindfulness immersion class is off to a peaceful start! Each yogi chose their very own mat which they will be able to take home at the end of the week, so they can continue their practice in the future! We have been learning a ton about our bodies, how they move, and how we feel. We have worked on opening our hearts, accepting where we are, and connecting to our breath. While we have learned many fun yoga poses, we have also been journaling, meditating, mindfully moving, and sharing our thoughts with one another.

We have talked about how our bodies show our emotions, and how we can do different yoga poses to take us out of a negative head space and into a positive, peaceful, loving one instead. We will continue to deep dive into understanding ourselves better on our mats so we can be prepared to be the best, truest versions of ourselves as we step off our mats and into the real world. The rest of the week we will continue to develop our asana practice, and fill up our yoga tool belt with some fun concepts such as the chakras, crystals (who doesn’t love a beautiful crystal?!), partner yoga, and even design our own yoga sequences to share with the class!

Portrait Drawing – Samantha Salazar

Portrait Drawing has been enjoying their time learning how to draw the different parts of the face in order to create a realistic self-portrait. We are looking forward to adding color to drawings in the coming days.

Science Olympiad II – Deborah Bruvik

In Science Olympiad, young scientists began the week exploring some of the skills important to engineers and scientist…planning, testing, troubleshooting, and trying again and again (there are no mistakes, just learning opportunities)!  In our first challenge – Mystery Architecture – scholars explored the best way to build a freestanding tower that can hold a tennis ball.  This event proved to be great fun, and it certainly showed off our camper’s creativity, and great teamwork!  On Tuesday, scholars took on the challenge of building Pasta Mobiles… vehicles made of only assorted hard pasta pieces and glue.  In the end, students voted on the coolest vehicle design, and finally, raced their creations to see which Pasta Mobile went the furthest, and why?   Next scholars will jump into Clay Boatbuilding, which will encourage them to observe why things float and sink. The next engineering challenge will be building and launching Bottle Rockets. What does make a rocket soar?  On Thursday, students will take on the Straw Egg Drop Challenge.  This event involves building a protective home for an egg using only straws and tape before releasing it from a two-meter height, and of course, the goal is for the egg to stay intact. We will end the week with a chemistry challenge.  Science Olympians will be making two different versions of slime.  What mixture makes our slime stretchy, sticky, and/or bouncy?  Ask your scientist on Friday!

  • If you happen to have a Twitter account, please see my tweets @DbruvikMFS.  I am tweeting action photographs of our busy young scientists each day.

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Students are learning new and exciting games this week such as throwing games and tag games. Triple kickball and 3 vs. 3 are still to come later this week.