Elementary Coding with Robotics – Tony Gore

This week in robotics in coding the students are learning about coding using blocky. We began the week by creating our own simple visual coding language with flashcards and have begun progressing through several different types of programmable robots.

Fiber Arts with the Handwork Day Camp – Julia Yosen

The Handwork Studio camp is busy learning new skills while creating fun projects. We are doing embroidery, needle felting, wonder knitting, as well as other techniques. Students will leave with several, fun completed works!

Imagination Station – Caitlin Leone

This week in Imagination Station, we are learning and growing through fun and games! Students drew original pictures, which we then framed with popsicle sticks. They also spent lots of time building and creating with Legos. We spent time on the playground playing games, and even creating some new ones! The kids enjoy playing pretend, and our costume station helps expand their creativity. We look forward to designing paper UFOs and performing a little play!

Kids in the Kitchen – Diane Vavricka

First thing Monday morning we got to know one another’s name through a fun greeting of Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee. Decorating their own placement and cloth napkin came first so it was ready to set our table. We made Pizza Pinwheels by making our own pizza dough and waiting for it to rise then spreading on ample amounts of sauce and cheese. Everyone helps and learns how the dough is supposed to “rise to the occasion” and roll it up. Tuesday’s recipe was for Vanilla Cupcakes which from scratch each child had a turn either measuring out flour, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla, sugar and everyone got to break an egg.  We have some natural cooks in our class!  Of course, it was topped off by using icing in a tube to decorate our cupcakes. I have more recipe surprises up my sleeve to make and they are excited by the clues I give them.

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Students are learning new and exciting games this week such as throwing games and tag games. Triple kickball and 3 vs. 3 are still to come later this week.

U.K. Elite Soccer – Jake Dowiak

This week at camp we have been focusing on the fundamental skills of being a good soccer player: dribbling, passing and shooting. Each day has been filled with new games that help our campers learn the proper parts of our feet to use when performing one of our main soccer skills.