Escape Room with BreakoutEDU – Michael Romea

So far this week we have had a wonderful time escaping and designing various themed rooms in our  MFS Summer Escape rooms classes. Whether an alien invasion or the Watergate break out, we have cultivated the 4 C’s throughout these challenges: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

Project Engineering – Griffin Kidd

It has already been a busy week in Project Engineering! The Summer Scholars have already constructed solar-powered race cars and working wind turbines and have begun construction on a truss bridge and worked on a 3D CAD program all in the first two days! Looking forward to the rest of this week, they are excited about building LEGO Robots for battle, finishing the bridges to see how much weight they can hold, Printing projects on the 3D printer and an amazing egg drop challenge! This week always goes by too quickly!

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Students are learning new and exciting games this week such as throwing games and tag games. Triple kickball and 3 vs. 3 are still to come later this week.