Fiber Arts with Handwork Day Camp – Julia Yosen

The Handwork Studio camp is busy learning new skills while creating fun projects. We are doing embroidery, needle felting, wonder knitting, as well as other techniques. Students will leave with several, fun completed works!

Guinea Pig Palooza – Jessica Durdin

We have been exploring and learning so much together so far in Guinea Pig Palooza! We have shared questions and discovered so many things about these animals, from their natural habitat and life span to the best ways to care for and train them.

We are using all this information to create obstacle courses in teams for our guinea pig, Cookie Dough to get some exercise this week! At the end of the week our guinea pig will be looking for a family to adopt him, free to a good home, no supplies included.

Natural Science on our Campus – Sarah Moser

Anyone can be a scientist and the campers in Natural Science on our Campus came in on Monday prepared to hone in on the smallest wonders of nature. Using all of the senses during nature walks, we are developing a science observation notebook to collect samples and sketches to remember everything that has been explored on the expansive and exciting MFS campus! Tuesday we ventured through the woods on the cross country trail and later in the week, we will even tend to the garden, discovering and learning about vegetables.

From microscopes to creating art from nature to observing the weather, campers are enjoying being young scientists at work!

Swimming & Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Students are learning new and exciting games this week such as throwing games and tag games. Triple kickball and 3 vs. 3 are still to come later this week.

Spiral Art and Mathematics – Sarah Moser

This week in Spiral Art, we started by working with all sorts of patterns; students began recognizing simple patterns in complex pieces of art as well as creating their own. The campers have already become masters at symmetry and are well on their way to really understanding how a spiral forms thanks to Fibonacci’s sequence. The week will continue with creating beautiful artwork using both spirographs and digital art programs based in symmetry and mathematical expressions.

Each camper is developing a portfolio that will be brought home on Friday showcasing all of their creativity and artistry!