Escape Room: Phase II – Mike Romea

Students have used the immersive learning platform of Breakout EDU to hone their code-breaking and puzzle-solving skills. Each day, the Junior Scholars spend the morning solving an escape room that Senior Scholars set up the day prior, then spend the afternoon setting up an escape room for the Seniors. Themes have ranged from science and simulation to history and English; for example, on Wednesday, Juniors completed a samurai-themed room and set up a jailbreak room for the Seniors.

Clean Dirt: Organic Gardening – Nicole Moore-Medley

There is conventional gardening and then there’s organic gardening. What is the difference, you ask? Organic gardening refers to a trend that has grown in popularity in the last two decades resulting in healthier produce. Organic gardening relies on more natural methods to keep weeds and pests away. Students have learned about the challenges and benefits of each type this week. They have also spent time outdoors working on a garden of their own!

Chess with the Knight School – Coach Luke

This week we have been covering the fundamentals of chess. The students have learned the names, movements and values of the pieces. We will also be covering tactics such as the Modified Scholar’s Mate, Forking and the Ladder Mate.  We will end the week with a mini-tournament where students will be able to compete and showcase the tactics they have learned.

Yoga and Mindful Practice – Paige Bloom

Did you know that yoga is more than just the poses on your mat? This week’s class is diving deep into the yogic path and mindfulness practices through games and activities that they can take with them! We have been learning all about ourselves, both inside and out. As we move our bodies on our mats we have experienced both challenges and successes and have identified areas of strength as well as areas we can grow. This awareness helps us gain insight into how we can use yoga as a tool to calm ourselves, or fire us up by using our breath as our guide.

Through different mindfulness practices we have tapped into our centers to help identify and process our emotions, and have learned that all emotions give us useful insight – even those we have labeled as “bad.” We are also learning ways to take care of ourselves, including healthy snack ideas and journaling techniques to help let go of a hard day. From restorative practices with pillows and blankets to fiery warrior sequences, we will walk away from this week with a clearer understanding of all the wonder we are made of, and what we need to be the best version of ourselves, on and off the mat.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

The minis, youths, and juniors are having a blast playing pinball and “steal the bacon” soccer style. Next up are battleship and skee bowling.

In Swimming, we have been discussing why we blow bubbles underwater and what happens if you don’t. We’ve also discussed how to do Streamline and Freestyle techniques.