Coding and Robotics – Tony Gore

This week our Mini Scholars have been experimenting with coding and robotics. We have learned about basic coding concepts as well as a number of different types of robots and their features. In class we have access to controlling and coding Bee Bots and Dash bots. Later in the week we will introduce more complex robots like our Jimu robots and the Ozo bots.

What Sprouts in My Garden? – Andrea Bourne

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Not only did we look at different seeds and try to guess what each grows, we also planted them as we learned about hydroponic planting. Our science center has featured root systems and sprouts for closer study, and we broke ground on an outdoor garden space outside of the White Building. Cultivating, digging, planting, and watering in the summer morning sun was exciting and helped us feel connected to nature. We made beaded garden ornaments and garden stones for added beauty. Nature printing and trellis building will keep us busy mid-week. We will end the week learning about composting and make our own.

Not a Box: Creative Construction – Megan Blackburn

We are in the midst of Not a Box creativity: cutting, gluing, painting; a car, a house, a couple spaceships. There are ideas exchanged, offers to help complete painting or gluing, and words of encouragement. Several children have commented that they would like to take their work home – naturally – so please make room in the car on Friday!

Fiber Arts with the Handwork Studio – THS Staff

Some of the techniques and skills taught through the week include: knitting, crocheting, wonder knitting, wet felting, weaving, embroidery, pom pom making, hand sewing, and guided machine sewing with an instructor.

During the course of the week, counselors encourage campers to think analytically about their choices: colors, embellishments, project assembly, size, and more. Counselors patiently guide campers through the process to successful completion of their projects. While learning these many different skills and techniques takes time and practice, the next time it will be that much easier!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Nicole Moore-Medley

Each day campers have gone on a new adventure, creating modes of transportation using different materials and technology. We have learned mapping skills and geography as we mapped out different journeys during the week.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

The minis, youths, and juniors are having a blast playing pinball and “steal the bacon” soccer style. Next up are battleship and skee bowling.

In Swimming, we have been discussing why we blow bubbles underwater and what happens if you don’t. We’ve also discussed how to do Streamline and Freestyle techniques.