Mock Trial #3 – Clark Thomson

Summer Scholars Mock Trial is off to a great start. Instead of beginning with our case, The People v. Jamie Hayes, we had a Moot Court on the issue of Miranda Warnings with scholars arguing in favor or opposed and acting as members of the Supreme Court asking questions of the lawyers. It was a spirited exchange with the court coming out in favor of requiring police to give Miranda warnings to all suspects before questioning. Now we are knee deep in witness statements as we prepare for the case. If you want to attend the trial, it will occur in Hartman Hall this Friday beginning at 11:00 (an hour later than usual to allow for final preparation).

Entrepreneurial Me! Start a “Start-Up” – Josh Weinstein

Entrepreneurial Me! has blasted off this week with a fury. These budding entrepreneurs have found the “pain points” within their interests, developing ideas for potential start-up companies. Throughout the week, we will be writing business plans, preparing for Shark Tank presentations, and ultimately creating a business pitch video for future investors and customers alike.

Escape Room: Phase II – Mike Romea

Students have used the immersive learning platform of Breakout EDU to hone their code-breaking and puzzle-solving skills. Each day, the Senior Scholars spend the morning solving an escape room that Junior Scholars set up the day prior, then spend the afternoon setting up an escape room for the Juniors. Themes have ranged from science and simulation to history and English; for example, on Wednesday, Juniors completed a samurai-themed room and set up a jailbreak room for the Seniors.

Swimming and Athletic Training – Kyle Hagerthey

Senior Scholars have started to learn what athletic training is all about. They are working hard in the weight room trying to improve everyday.