So Many Authors, So Little Time – Meredith Romea

Students have spent each day focused on an author or genre, digging deep into the story by doing readers’ theatre, making crafts, and even creating their own online book!

Fiber Arts with the Handwork Studio – THS Staff

Some of the techniques and skills taught through the week include: knitting, crocheting, wonder knitting, wet felting, weaving, embroidery, pom pom making, hand sewing, and guided machine sewing with an instructor.

During the course of the week, counselors encourage campers to think analytically about their choices: colors, embellishments, project assembly, size, and more. Counselors patiently guide campers through the process to successful completion of their projects. While learning these many different skills and techniques takes time and practice, the next time it will be that much easier!

Building a Fairy & Gnome Fantasy World – Caitlin Sweeney

All you need is a little magic and some fairy dust!

We have started our collaborative fairy garden in the outdoor classroom, selecting the perfect tree and attaching doors, windows and a ladder for the fairies. In the classroom, our individual fairy gardens are taking shape. The students created fairies and fairy houses for their gardens. We will work on adding many more accessories as the week continues.

You may have heard that the fairies seem to be mysteriously moving around the classroom at night – having some fun while we are away. We will keep you posted on their antics!

Elementary Chinese – Zheng “Jane” Zhao

Students are learning the basics of the Mandarin Chinese language. Through exposure to language, music, food, and culture, they are spending the week immersed in Chinese!

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

The minis, youths, and juniors are having a blast playing pinball and “steal the bacon” soccer style. Next up are battleship and skee bowling.

In Swimming, we have been discussing why we blow bubbles underwater and what happens if you don’t. We’ve also discussed how to do Streamline and Freestyle techniques.