Amusement Park Physics – Griffin Kidd

In Amusement Park Physics our room is undergoing quite a transformation. Since we came in on Monday morning the Summer Scholars have constructed two marble roller coasters using the concepts of potential and kinetic energy in their designs and they have also designed several games for our parkway. By Friday the transformation will be complete and we invite the other Summer Scholars and any parents that want to come to the opening of our amusement park that will be open between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. All we need now is to come up with a name!

T-Shirt Design: Silk Screening – Samantha Salazar 

Silk Screen t-shirt designers have been working hard and learning new skills. They made printed posters this week and are starting on their t-shirt designs. We have some very talented artists in our class.

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Our mini and youth scholars loved 3 vs. 3 kickball this week, while our junior/seniors learned pickleball and played champion basketball. Gaga ball, meteor ball and speedball are still on the agenda for this week.