Destination Disney – Merrie Romea

Destination Disney has been busy traveling around the world this week!  We have already traveled to Hawaii with Lilo and Stitch and to China with Mulan.  The kids are loving to crafts and classroom activities!  They loved trying to eat rice with chopsticks!  Each day they complete a page in their passport of things that they learned about the place we are visiting!  We will continue our journey’s throughout the remainder of the week!!  I’d say that Destination Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Engineering Lab: Backyard Projects – Andrea Bourne

Our rising kindergarten and first grade students have been designing and creating several engineering projects that combine indoor and outdoor fun, including working in teams to create a protective housing for an egg to be thrown and balloon rockets that were fueled by our own hot air. The children’s ability to communicate, share ideas, and work collaboratively with others has been a joy to watch. Our mid-week Water Slide Project has us so excited about designing and building yet again, as well as predicting and testing our slides’ functionality for a “Lego” man! We will end the week learning about shadows and how ancient civilizations used the sun’s shadows to tell time. We will engineer our own sundials.

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Our mini and youth scholars loved 3 vs. 3 kickball this week, while our junior/seniors learned pickleball and played champion basketball. Gaga ball, meteor ball and speedball are still on the agenda for this week.

Storybook Art – Pauline Williams

The creative juices are flowing in Storybook Art. We have begun to study the many styles of illustration in children’s books and observed how we each bring our own flavor to the art we create. So far we have received two assignments from our publisher that have us busy drawing illustrations for a story called Lucky Day at the Cake Walk and experimenting with watercolors to paint representational images of flowers. The remainder of the week will find us working with a variety of materials including pastels, cardboard, buttons, tissue paper, liquid watercolor and maybe even sticks! Who knows where art will take us.

Imagination Station – Caitlin Leone

We have a week full of fun happening in Imagination Station! Tuesday we celebrated Emoji Day by making our own emojis! We are reading some silly books, including “Q is for Duck”. Arts and crafts are focusing on popsicle stick creations. We use our imagination to create with Legos, games, and theater performances. We hope you’ll join us next week for even more fun!