Mock Trail #2 – Clark Thomson

Summer Scholars Mock Trial week two began with a case switch. Instead of a drag racing case, our prosecution and defense took up the case Bobby Dousa, accused of drugging a basketball player from a rival school and drawing a mascot symbol on his face. The case has many twists and turns which will make for an exciting trial on Friday at 10:00 AM. Our courtroom is located in room 105. Visitors welcome.

Forensic Science – Griffing Kidd

In Forensic science, the scholars have been investigating how difficult it can be to be an eyewitness and the importance of forensic evidence. The scholars have learned how to lift fingerprints from a crime scene and how ballistic evidence can link a bullet from a crime scene to a suspects weapon. The scholars are looking forward to a visit from a Burlington County investigator who will be able to tell them about his first-hand experiences and look at all of the equipment that is brought to a real crime scene.

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Our mini and youth scholars loved 3 vs. 3 kickball this week, while our junior/seniors learned pickleball and played champion basketball. Gaga ball, meteor ball and speedball are still on the agenda for this week.