Karate with the NKI – Master Casey Shields

So far this week in the Martial Arts class we have been focusing on the core aspects of karate such as focus, self-discipline, and self-defense and the scholars have blown away the National Karate Institute Instructors with their hard work! It is a privilege to spend this week with these wonderful kids.

Please join us on Friday morning at 11:00 AM for a short demonstration of the hard work and dedication these kids have shown to the sport of Martial Arts in just one short week!

Lego WeDo Robotics – Mike Romea

This week was all about building your child’s interest in engineering and programming through robotics. While most are novices, they eagerly jumped in and were off building and programming in no time.  Each day our class has welcomed new and exciting challenges.  The kids loved testing out the diverse options and felt so proud when finally achieved success.  Be it a race car or Rover, earthquake simulator or robotic arm we were able to explore scientific principles in addition to our engineering and programming.  Lego robotics is a wonderful opportunity for children to take intellectual risks.  I hope each day we reinforced that perseverance and hard work truly pay off.

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Our mini and youth scholars loved 3 vs. 3 kickball this week, while our junior/seniors learned pickleball and played champion basketball. Gaga ball, meteor ball and speedball are still on the agenda for this week.

Art for Youth Scholars – Megan Blackburn

The students have embraced the art of Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Paul Klee. Three artists who are known for “childlike” imagery. They have used the art as inspiration as well as an exploration of materials- paint mixing, various pens with fine points and brushes, watercolor, cutouts, and tape. We will add Mondrian and Romare Reardon to the mix in the coming days, but the students bring their own ideas so there’s always an element of surprise.

Just Be: Yoga and Mindfulness – Paige Bloom 

Namaste from the yoga studio! Just Be, our yoga and mindfulness immersion class is off to a peaceful start! Each yogi chose their very own mat which they will be able to take home at the end of the week, so they can continue their practice in the future! We have been learning a ton about our bodies, how they move, and how we feel. We have worked on opening our hearts, accepting where we are, and connecting to our breath. While we have learned many fun yoga poses, we have also been journaling, meditating, mindfully moving, and sharing our thoughts with one another.

Yoga is so much more than just the poses and is we will be sharing lots of strategies for staying calm and centered through the ups and downs of our daily lives. We have talked about how our bodies show our emotions, and how we can do different yoga poses to take us out of a negative head space and into a positive, peaceful, loving one instead. We will continue to deep dive into understanding ourselves better on our mats so we can be prepared to be the best, truest versions of ourselves as we step off our mats and into the real world. The rest of the week will be filled with fun activities and some take-home strategies to stay balanced with a focus on meditation, mindfulness, breath work and of course lots of fun yoga poses!