Mock Trial #2 – Clark Thomson

This week’s trial involves a possible murder.  Anne Marcus was found dead at Ballena Beach. But, who did it? The police have arrested her classmate Alex Johnson. But, maybe Anne, and experienced rock climber, fell from the cliff. On Friday, the jury will have to decide. Our lawyers have prepared opening and closing statement, direct and cross examinations, but the courtroom will require our lawyers and witnesses to think on their feet and convince our jury that their conclusion is correct The trial will take place in the Moorestown Friends School auditorium at 10:30. After our trial, we will be going to town for lunch and ice cream. Mr. Thomson will send a permission slip home on Thursday.

Clubhouse Architecture – Steve Wells

What a great 1st two days for clubhouse adventure. The first thing we did was to learn what poison ivy looked like and to stay far away of anything suspicious. After we discussed what we could do the students went to the work site we would use to build our dream, The scholars were asked what type of structure they wanted to build- great imagination as the opinions rolled in– A Schoolhouse- A Pizza Parlor and A Museum and some others. What the construction team decided was A RAILROAD STATION!!. On Tuesday we went to the woods and broke into groups- Site Cleaners and A team gathering materials.  We were able to accomplish the task of finding most everything we need. We will now begin to build our train station during the rest of the week. We are all excited to see how it goes!!

2-D Animation – Diana Day

Our 2D animators have been working hard.  We started off Monday with a brief overview of the history of 2D animation, and then they jumped right into Adobe Photoshop to create an animated GIF.  If you would like to see the GIFs, Scholars are welcome to bring a USB drive from home to save them; alternatively, just email me at, and I’d be happy to provide you a link where you can view their work.  Today some wanted to continue working on GIFs, but others chose to create claymations; it’s a labor intensive process, but our Scholars stuck with it for the whole morning!  The claymations will probably take the rest of the week to shoot and edit.

Basketball – Jaime Waterhouse

We are off to a great start in Basketball Clinic this week! Junior and Senior Scholars have been practicing dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. Scholars have learned different dribbling moves, types of passes, how to perfect their shot through form shooting, and have improved their skills through daily challenges. We have applied the words hard work and being resilient to the game of basketball. Our word of the day for Wednesday is selfless. Scholars will continue to work on the skills they have learned as well as lay ups, jump shots, footwork, triple threat position, and discuss the positions on the court during a game. We are looking forward to a great rest of the week in Basketball Clinic!

Soccer – Jake Dowiak

During our third week of camp, we have turned our focus to passing technique. The campers have spent an extensive amount of time working on using the correct part of their foot to strike a ball, learning which parts give them the most control and accuracy. We have taken part in a number of games and relay races that force the campers to be accurate with their passes while also learning to properly communicate with their teammates. We will continue to work on these skills through repetition until our campers have a mastery of their passing skills!

Swim – Joshua Ponter

It’s already week 3 at the swimming program! It’s going so fast! I can hardly believe the summer is halfway over, but that doesn’t mean we are done practicing  We have been lucky enough to have some great weather so far, which means we have had lots of time in the pool. We all know though that there is still always room for improvement. Almost everyone has gotten to the point where they can now swim in the deep end safely. While we are still honing some skills for some of our little guys we are also learning flip-turns, different strokes, and building endurance. Yesterday we swam more than 20 laps with the afternoon class. By Friday we hope to make that 60. That’s more than 2000 feet without stopping!