Minecraft Architecture  – Finn MacConnell

The main focus of our class is to get students to work together on builds that each of them have come up with individually. On Monday, we got to know each other by introducing ourselves and spending the rest of the class familiarizing ourselves with the world and the game. Students also individually worked on building their own homes in Creative Mode.

On Wednesday, students began working in groups of four to work on building ideas from fellow classmates. We will spend Thursday working on redstone and utilize the rest of the time we have both on Thursday and Friday to work on building projects. Students have been extremely creative and have worked well as a team by not hesitating to lend a helping hand to fellow classmates!

Designing Greeting Cards – Sharon Uibel

We have been busy each day paper-crafting cards for many occasions using stamp techniques, measuring out exact sizes to create memories to give and celebrate with friends and family members! We have used our imaginative creativity to shape artistic cards from paint and inks. On Tuesday, we even made paper snakes!

Tomorrow we will create a memory book of our favorite summer activities to bring home and add some of our favorite summer pictures. It’s been a memorable week and we are celebrating a variety of occasions through paper crafting!

Vets in Training “Interns” – HousePaws VIT Staff

By embracing the human-animal bond through interaction and education, the HousePaws Vets in Training Program provides hands-on, experience-based veterinary education to each student. The “Interns” course for our Junior Scholars has included Pet CPR, Anesthesia 101, Ophthalmology, the Skeletal System, and Cardiology, all at a level which is appropriate for this age group. As part of this curriculum, students have also enjoyed visits from several animal friends, including a ferret and a rabbit!

The Nature of Clay – David Gamber

Clay is the only material found in nature that is moldable at room temperature. Students have used clay’s origins in nature as inspiration for personal discovery and expression. The week has included some time exploring nature for brainstorming and ideas, a little science (the nature of clay and glazes), and lots of time making both functional and sculptural clay pieces.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

The juniors are enjoying competing in champion ball and cupstacking. Swimmers learned the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and frog kick.