Reptiles Rock! – Andrea Bourne

Snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and turtles have been the focus of our learning so far this week. We discovered that snakes have a clear scale over their eyes, that alligators and crocodiles have different shaped snouts, and that the fastest turtle is the African Pancake Turtle (yes, he’s flat like a pancake!). We have been making several fun reptile crafts, getting messy in our swamp sensory table, and had the chance to touch and see a real lizard. Our thanks to the “HousePaws” class for letting our Mini Scholars visit with King the bearded dragon! Chameleons are next on our list of animals to study and we are excited about our upcoming science experiment of mixing up some Leaping Lizard Brew!

Storybook Art: Writers and Illustrators – Pauline Williams

As blossoming writers and illustrators, this week we have jumped into the world of picture books. We have received daily assignments from our publisher to keep us busy using our creative juices. We will continue to try our hand at a variety of techniques to explore our individual illustrative style and of course we will keep reading wonderful books.

Imagination Station – Ted Quinn

Campers started the week by building and creating using a variety of materials. Creations included eyeglasses made out of pipe cleaners, a race car big enough for kids to fit inside made of connected straws, and Lego castles. Kids are also enjoying playing memory games and solving puzzles. In the coming days, we’ll continue some of our creations, will make new ones and play different games, and will play creative games outside.

Beginning/Intermediate Tennis – Josh Weinstein

Campers at MFS Summer Camp have been learning to love and understand the amazing game of tennis. We have stepped up our program this week by adding an indoor facility to the already existing outside tennis courts. With the added facility, students will be able to acquire numerous additional reps. We have not only learned how to hit fast paced forehands but also have had fun playing games like Crocodile Tennis, Hot Feet, Dodgeball and King/Queen of the Court. We are looking forward to playing many more games as well as learning how to serve and play doubles.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

Mini and youth scholars are having a great time sinking each other’s battleships, while using teamwork to defend their ships as well. Swimmers learned the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and frog kick.