Robotics LEGO Mindstorm – Kevin Cox

Our robots are up and running! So far this week we’ve had fun searching for the perfect LEGO pieces to build our first robots. Everyone has successfully built a robot, which led to our first opportunities to program! We’ve had robots breakdancing, spinning in circles, stopping when they’ve sensed a wall, singing, and speeding around the room. Now that we’re familiar with the applications, our scholars are looking forward to their team challenges on Thursday and Friday to finish off a fun week.

Conducting Scientific Research – Mike Romea

Students have explored the world of research by running through formal methods by which research is done: descriptive/analytical, applied/fundamental, qualitative/quantitative, conceptual/empirical. Topics investigated have included the genetic modification of DNA, environmental sustainability, and physics. Students have had the opportunity to practice problem-solving, analysis, and technical skills such as numeracy and mathematical modelling.

Music Video Production – Kevin Cox

We kicked off our week with some in-depth analysis of our favorite music videos. We discussed the purposes of music videos and how they contribute to musical artists’ success and image. On Wednesday we began planning our very own music videos! We have songs picked out and our initial plans in place.  Our scholars are ready for filming, editing, and seeing their music videos come to life as the week wraps up.

Swimming and Athletic Training – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

Seniors are enjoying the pool and working hard in the weight room learning how to use the equipment.