Food for Thought: Engineering Ice Cream – Deb Bruvik

In Food for Thought: Engineering Ice Cream, scholars began the week exploring the engineering design process by taking on a number of team challenges. First, our young scientists created a Spaghetti Tower that needed to hold up a marshmallow, followed by an index card team challenge that further reinforced the steps that engineers use to create things: asking questions, imagining solutions, deciding on a plan, testing it out, and making improvements. This led us into a discussion about food technology, where we explored how astronauts eat in space. This included some actual testing of real Space Ice Cream. An interesting treat! Next, teams were introduced to what it means to be a Process Engineer, and scholars practiced this by engaging in the Rice Krispie Treat Challenge. For the remainder of the week, teams will practice their process engineering skills by investigating the steps to make ice cream (varying ingredients, flavors, and colors). In addition, groups will imagine and create a package that will keep their ice cream frozen.

Generating Alternative Energy – Griffin Kidd

In Generating Alternative Energy students have been building working models of a wind turbine and exploring many different factors that can affect the energy produced. From gear ratios to the pitch of the blades to the number of blades there are a lot of things to check. To keep track of it all Google Sheets is coming in handy! How else can we produce electricity? Let’s find out!

Earth Art – Samantha Salazar

Our Earth Artists have been working hard. They have embraced nature by going on a hike, drawing and writing poems about trees, and nature art inspired installations.

The Forensic Science – Griffin Kidd

In Forensic Science students have determined how difficult it can be to be an eyewitness and the importance of forensic science. We have already explored blood typing and fingerprints. We want to thank Detective Horne for coming in to walk us through the crime scene investigation process. It was exciting to have an expert in the field to come in!

Swimming & Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

At the Swimming & Field Games program, students continue to play some of their favorite games such as pinball and 3 vs 3 soccer. Hot shot basketball and the cooperative/team building iceberg are still to come.