Fiber Arts with Handwork Day Camp – Julia Yosen

Techniques learned in the Fiber Arts with the Handwork Day Camp class have included: wonder knitting, wet felting & needle felting, weaving, embroidery, pom-pom making, hand sewing, guided machine sewing with instructor, and more. During the course of the week, Miss Lauren and Miss Maggie have encouraged campers to think analytically about their choices: colors, embellishments,  and the process in which projects need to be assembled. While learning these many different skills and techniques takes time and practice, the next time it will be that much easier and we hope that campers will continue their crafting at home!

Music Creation with GarageBand – Nathan Wadley

This wonderful group of musicians is off to a great start! After getting to know each other, we spent the first day exploring beat and rhythm, then applying these concepts to our iPads. We also learned how to use pre-recorded sounds, called loops, and put them together to make music. On Day 2, we began to explore the virtual instruments in GarageBand, tapping on drum kits and plucking onscreen guitar strings. As we continue the rest of the week, we will discover the challenges of recording live sounds, and conclude with in-class sharing of our creations!

Seussical Adventure – Kaitlin Kosmaczewski

Sesussical Adventures is off to great fun! On Monday, we listened to the story of The Lorax and made our own truffula tree forest, along with painted pots which will be filled with flowers at the end of the week. On Tuesday, we listened to the story Oh, the Places You’ll Go, and created our own stained glass hot air balloons. The rest of the week will be filled with STEM challenges in which students will create their own zoo animal and build a strong cage to protect it, visit the circus and make a balloon tower, and then finish off the week with the The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. It’s always a fun time in the world of Dr. Seuss!

Swimming & Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey

Students continue to play some of their favorite games such as pinball and 3 vs 3 soccer. Hot shot basketball and the cooperative/team building iceberg are still to come.

Greetings Around the World – Jessica Durdin

This week in Greetings Around the World we are jumping from South America to Europe, Australia to Africa then to Asia! At each new place we dive into culture by experiencing a popular food from the area, learning some words in the prominent language and trying some dances! We are having a great time traveling this week together.