Seeing Like an Artist – Sharon Uibel

This week in the art room we are experimenting with color with background, and foreground elements. Monday we made an African landscape as our background with beautiful line, elements incorporated into the watercolor giraffe which we posed In the foreground. We continued this theme on day two as the class mixed primary colors to create secondary colors and “tints”! We used a variety of shapes and forms with our colors to create bright , beautiful floral bouquets!!

Sew Many Projects, So Little Time – Karen Washington

Sew Many Projects, So Little Time students have been busy these past two days. They started the day on Monday practicing hand-stitching straight lines followed by designing, cutting, sewing and stuffing their own pin cushions. These will serve as handy accessories for things to come. Each student also began working on a 12” square pillowcase (also hand-stitched). The pillowcases were completed on Tuesday, and students each received a pillow to use with them. Everyone got to try out a sewing machine for the first time as well, using paper worksheets to practice stitching slowly, to get nice, straight lines. They picked out fabrics for the next project – a standard pillowcase – which they will sew by machine on Wednesday. For our last project of the week (Thursday & Friday) we will make a reversible market bag. Given a few supplies:  scissors, a ruler, needles, thread, pins and a pin cushion, these students will be ready to keep their creative juices flowing as they create lots of projects in the future. Happy Sewing!

Woodworking, Building and Construction – Lisa Martin

Our campers have been planning, designing, constructing and building uses multiple materials and tools. We started by creating free-standing three-dimensional structures using Strawbees Inventor Kits which incorporate drinking straws and plastic connectors (strawbees). Using the design and construction techniques discovered from the Strawbees, the campers created wood projects from preset templates and their own creative imagination. We focused on safety, collaboration, and persistence as the campers used wood glue, hammers, nails to complete multiple projects individually and cooperatively. Towards the end of the week we will redirect our attention back to drafting techniques to capture measuring techniques necessary to create a drawing of wooden and Strawbee construction projects.

Endangered Species – Kaitlin Kelly

Welcome to the world of endangered species! This week has been all about learning about the beautiful animals that are nearing extinction and researching why and how we might be able to stop it from happening. Students this week have been practicing their researching skills by learning how to use the Chromebooks and how to practice safety on the internet. Students will be creating a research poster about the animals we study throughout the week. Monday we spent the day identifying the different animals throughout the world that are on the endangered species lists. Tuesday, we focused on the different species of tigers by researching interesting facts about them. We created a tiger using a cut out and yarn. On Wednesday, our focus will be on the endangered African Elephants and we will be able to paint an elephant using water colors. Thursday, we will study the sea turtles and ways in which conservationists are helping them to survive. Friday, we will look at the polar bears. Students will finish their research posters and some will be on display in the cafeteria for the other students to read about and learn! Knowledge is power, so the more we learn about these animals, the better chance they have of getting off the endangered species list!

Handwork Day Camp – Handwork Staff

This week at Handwork Day Camp, we’ve really been making some great creative strides! So far, we’ve learned two kinds of sewing stitches, and used them to make some unique embroidered nametags; we also used these skills, combined with some yarn weaving, to make bright, stuffed cupcakes. In the upcoming few days, we will be stitching together stuffed raccoons or foxes, while learning and using other new skills such as wonder-knitting, kumihimo, needle-felting, and so on. It’s going to be a blast!

Science Olympiad – Deborah Carter-Bruvik

In Science Olympiad, scholars began the week by participating in a number of engineering events. First, your young scientist explored the best way to build an aluminum foil barge that would hold the most marbles. This was followed by teams creating bridges out of toothpicks and gumdrops. Then our scholars tried their hands at an event called Mystery Architecture. The goal of this event is to create the highest freestanding tower that can hold a tennis ball. Next our scholars jumped into some chemistry. Students had to figure out the best ingredients to make a bouncy Slime. This was especially messy, but great fun and learning!  Back to engineering, the Straw Egg Drop event was challenging, but showed off just how clever all of our scholars can be! We are now working on our Pasta Mobiles, which we will race on Thursday morning. We end the week with some aerodynamic events and with one last chemistry challenge, making a different version of Slime! Note: If you happen to have a Twitter account, please see my tweets @ DbruvikMFS.  I am tweeting action photo’s of our busy young scientists each day!

Elementary Coding – Bob Campbell

We’ve had a wonderful time this week exploring the digital world of coding & robotics! So far the children have completed introductory computer science lessons on, created their own video game using, programmed dash robots, bee-bots, and ozobots, developed interface and creative thinking skills with the game Little Alchemy, played math puzzle games 2048 & prodigy, explored virtual reality using google cardboard, and experimented with augmented reality using a holographic display. The rest of the week will focus on learning the scratch programming language, and using it to develop simple apps and computer games. I’ve had a blast so far this week and hopefully the kids have as well!

Musical Theatre – Jennifer Morris Grasso

This week, the Junior Scholars will be performing The Lion King! So far, the class has painted some sets and props for the production. They are also working on learning the meaning of the lyrics behind songs such as The Circle of Life. We all know and love these songs but we’ve been discussing what the lyrics say outside of the context of the movie too.

Soccer – Jake Dowiak

Week 4 has been about learning new techniques.

Tennis – Omar Gonzalez

The youth tennis campers have been having a lot of fun this week learning and practicing the game of tennis! Monday the scholars worked on their rallies. Tuesday they learned to serve the ball and volley close to the net. Wednesday the students continued to practice their serves close to the net, but expanded on this skill by learning and practicing how to return a serve. Thursday the students will learn tactics of the game and Friday we will finish the week of with fun games that use a culmination of all the skills the scholars have learned!

Swim – Joshua Ponter

In week 4 of the swimming program, we have been making improvements as a group to our technique! Almost everyone has gotten to the point where they can now swim in the deep end safely. While we are still honing some skills for some of our little guys we are also learning flip-turns, different strokes, and building endurance.