Millennial Marketing – Stephanie Huie

This week our Senior Scholars are getting a crash course in the principles of marketing! On Monday, we discussed the 4 P’s of marketing and identified the defining characteristics of the millennial generation. We reviewed a number of case studies to understand what factors contributed to the success or failure of marketing campaigns targeted towards millennials. The knowledge we gained on the first day would serve as a foundation to build on the next few days. On Tuesday, we conducted a SWOT analysis on Starbucks and learned about market positioning for an industry. Our Senior Scholars then chose which brand they would like to develop a marketing campaign for and we shared the SWOT analyses of those organizations. On Wednesday, we shifted to look at how color palettes and fonts can impact how an audience perceives a brand. The class then had a tutorial of Photoshop and began selecting the color swatches and font they would utilize for their campaign. The Scholars also explored the photography principle of “the rule of thirds” and experimented with perspective by photographing the action of other Summer Scholars classes. The Senior Scholars will continue to work on their marketing campaign for the rest of the week and come away with a deeper knowledge of elementary marketing principles and concepts to use as tools for the future.

Project Engineering – Griffin Kidd

In Project Engineering we have been exploring two different CAD programs and getting ready to print designs on the 3D printer. On Tuesday students worked all day building, programming and redesigning NXT robots and completing several tasks and are now ready for competition! Next we will be building working wind turbines, solar powered race cars and ending the week with an egg drop!